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Lisa Brady Fox News is just sort of wave. The white flag on I'm dealing with covert and he always wants to do is just just reopened Joe Biden holding a socially distance event with a Labor union in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, accusing the president of playing politics with the pandemic and rushing a vaccine. The president at a White House news conference, accusing Biden and running mate Kamala Harris of trying to undermine the potential success of a vaccine with reckless rhetoric as he defends his handling of the pandemic and hails the financial recovery. So far as historic under my leadership next year will be The greatest economic here in the history of our country. Meantime, both running mates or holding events in Wisconsin. The fingerpointing from both sides also continues over stalled talks on Corona virus relief is have been spending too much time on his golf courses in the sand traps, Biden suggesting it's another example of failed leadership. Fox's Jared Halpern has more live. The negotiations between the administration and Congress had been led by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and tops Democrat Chuck Schumer. President Trump says he does not plan on inviting congressional leaders to his office for talks. I know who I'm dealing with, and I don't need to Meet with them to be turned down. President accuses Democrats of refusing to make a deal to help the economy because the president says it could help his reelection campaign. Senate Republicans are expected to attempt to advance a narrow Corona virus bill this week, far less than what the Democratic controlled House approved in May. Lisa thanks, Jarod. Many large labor day gatherings were canceled because of the virus, including parades and the annual Dragon Con convention that would've drawn thousands to downtown Atlanta. Best is their favorite superheroes or science fiction characters they met online. Instead, America is listening to Bach's fees from the Maas Nissan Traffic Center wants for a crash onto 75 North bound near Sly Avenue. The center lane is blocked. Slow traffic and I for westbound between the Selman Connector and the 2 75 interchange. All lanes are still blocked in Polk County on county Line Road North found that Iwill Road avoid that area if you can and slow traffic is building up on 2 75 south bound between the eye for Interchange and.

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