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Me that addiction is stronger than love until it isn't one of those nights. The strength of her addiction really shows itself it overpowers even her mother instinct and instinct. That has always gotten Laura home safe to her daughter. Even when Laura was blacked out so it's the morning after her brother's wedding and Laura wakes up groggy expecting to see her daughter beside her. But instead it's a stranger a guest from her brother's wedding. Laura is not in her hotel room. She's in his hotel real and her five-year-old daughter is alone in the hotel room. Laura should be waking up in and this is where the rock bottom moment comes right. This is where she gets it together now. Not Quite inside. I was like why does this? Where is this imaginary line that I seem to be crossing that other people? Don't cross that line. And why can I not? Why can I not prevent myself from crossing it like night after night so felt like that was my fault like just get your shit together So for another year she tries to find an alternative. Like maybe she drinks just a little bit or just on some days but nothing changes until everything changes We'll be right back We're back and Laura has spent the year after her brother's wedding trying to get sober. Pama children wrote that. Nothing goes away until it teaches us. What we need to now and Laura has learned a lot. Not everyone has a problem with drinking but everyone has a thing a thing they do. That isn't very good for them or is even bad for them. A thing they've struggled with and maybe are ashamed of Laura's thing was drinking and she did stop and after she stopped drinking she started to talk and write about her sobriety and she heard from a lot of people who were struggling with a lot of things in needed a place to feel heard one day she got an email from a woman and her sister was really struggling with drinking and she'd had a lot of consequences and the family have been trying to help for awhile and sister was just so upset and frustrated and angry and sad and she didn't know what to say to her sister. She was afraid of saying anything. Because which is very common you know. You don't want to scare them off you don't WanNa just like. What do I say and I wrote her this long letter back but this list of nine things was what I said at the end to like since this can be hard. I'm GONNA give you a list and I gave her this list. The list appears in the very beginning of Laura's book. We are the luckiest the surprising magic of a sober life. The first time I encountered the list was on instagram. Not Knowing any context around who Laura was or why she'd written it it still resonated with me. The list is nine items long and there's a list of things. Laura needed to hear herself as she quit her thing. And you're going to hear them all right now. Starting with number one number.

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