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If Sonny, Michelle does miss mistime time, looks like he will miss a little bit of time Kenyon bar that me and the patriots are going to need bodies. All they have is James white. I don't think they wanna give James white. Ten carries. Plus like they did on Sunday. So for a buy week kind of similar to to Royce Freeman, he is that Saulat floor low upside play against buffalo that game. A lot of people think it's going to be out of hand. Probably one of the largest spreads in NFL history thing. The pages are are giving upwards of fifteen point two buffalo. So garbage time, definitely a factor Kenyan Barner is somebody, you know, I wouldn't spend a ton of fab it on him. He somebody that that should potentially be owned. If you need a running back. Yeah, came barn. You had the right stats, but wrong name and team when his wall wrong name, correct. Team, stats def. Definitely, definitely on Capri bid. Bibs bandwagon, Kenya. Lombarno yeah. This one you're going to have to keep a close eye on to see if Sony Michelle's gonna be actually out who knows how long that information will come out as as a recording this, we don't know Machel's week to week berry good chance. As is he is. He is doubtful. It's a Monday night game, which makes it a little tricky. But I think that the fourteen point games spread, I mean, we can all kind of, you know, predict what's going to happen here. And he's going to have to get touches. There's no one else on the roster that they can even kind of hand the ball to right now. So. And another running back that's should be on the radar of fantasy. Owners who need running backs is depending on again same game, we'll we'll stay with that same game Monday night for the bills backup running back Markus Murphy. Leshan McCoy's in the concussion protocol. His chances of playing obviously much much better than sunny Michelle's. But you know, Mark Murphy coming off four carries fifty three yards. Five catches this is a game. They're going to have to throw the ball. They're gonna need to manufacture offense. It's Shawn. McCoy can't go. I actually like Marcus Murphy more than I like Kenyon Barner. So in a perfect world, I love stashing some these later players and having you know, down to the wire, being able to make those late calls depending on how your matchup is looking a little bit tougher with with his running back situation. But I think he's a play. I put him above Kenyon Barner, but obviously that's going to depend on Leshan McCoy missing the game. All right. It's not pretty as you mentioned. So you any anyone else for us to consider. It is slim pickings in the running back. There's no a couple other running backs. I'll throw out Ronald Jones probably not for this week, but more of a longterm play. The rookie seems to got his first touchdown, still not integrating the offense as much as you would like if you're on Jones owner, but he his somebody that you could pick up. He's got upside. He's a rookie you know, a lot of hype coming into the year and then he Moser we talked about him last week and other solid game on Sunday. Seven carries fifty nine yards and four catches. So for running backs. It's pretty bleak. But again, if you're desperate, if you have running backs around by unique bodies, and that's what we got here on the waiver wire episode, we got bodies. I like Ronald Jones. You could pick him up? Yeah, I could pick him up. I just hope you don't play them. I mean, he, he would be the last person I play at entire group. I think I think the thing most are he looked pretty decent. You know, just kind of going with the three main group there, of course score lot touchdowns, but. Braider also gets hurt a lot. So what position we do necks?.

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