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Section of such acts and how we provide more transparency to the american people when they adds that a political or politically motivated yes but getting from here to there as you know that's devils in the details right kind of it it's not that hard i think facebook did announce some steps in the streets and actually they are going to make it a little more transparent who bought an ad and look we have these rules on television and i was just going to i approve this message i approve the message and you have to say even if it is a political action committee that is well and truly a hidden in terms of its actual motivations they do have to register there are sunlight laws and so it is not that hard and it's overdue on social media speaks to the publisher versus platform situation which is that they have not been considered a publisher and haven't had these rules until now the souso about regulation these places in we've had conversations about this and how it's going to go or or having some degree of familiarity with congress in the united states has not gonna go i'm just saying i'm able to get that one guy interested in this topic you know the one okay arte arte ungun wrote in when we first brought up the idea that ethics should be taught in the realm of computer science and said i just finished compute a computer science degree at uc santa barbara and one of the required courses was ethics and engineering he says changes coming in the pipeline but yeah it's pretty much too little too late never say that never say that but so yeah no you're right but so much this is baked in now right i mean i mean going back to your like you have to tell your ten year old to wash his hair and scrub with his fingernails or whatever it is right and heads apparently fingerpi it is pads and nails but that and your thought is at that's where we are with tekken and these companies right i think actually what's happening now is much like allies learning how to wash his hair and we'll wash.

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