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The carolina cougars used to have training camp at our place of appalachian state where i went to schooling and i met him there and then i end up working the denver nuggets camp so guys like that they're really took me under their wing in uh uh gave me opportunities that i would have never had an obviously a been a cousin to david thompson and been one of the best players in the nba and hall of fame player just being with him in hanging around him open doors also so i would have never imagined is so funny coast john hammond uh and i who's the joe manager the milwaukee bucks we were walking back last night from the dinner and we talked about the fact that you know who we are walking back in chicago eurojournal manage on the head coach of an nba team you know we've been friends for the last twenty five years and we go you know we would never we could have never imagined this twenty five years ago that we would be doing this kind of thing and be in this position so you have to be work hard at it but you also have have people that the open doors for you and when he opened those doors you got to take the opportunity alan david thompson who was really the player michael jordan grew up admiring in others legendary stories about the recruiting battles for him and how many schools that he get in trouble right on the way to say donde nc state what was it like being around david thompson when he was a young player who just athletically his gifts spectacular that unbelieva there was a methodology about him in a it really was in the uh spin fhimah really small town in all of a sudden have in all these people visit us mall town in uh you know guys that we've seen on tv occasionally and it was just something that the we couldn't have ever imagine but uh as a player you know i didn't realize how how good he was just growing up with them in plan every day and that's at the church every sunday we go back and with doug atta.

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