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Your hearing the paul w smith show news talk seven sixty wjr really i do believe that cigars and cigarettes are different although i certainly am aware that no smoke is a good to be taking into your body whether you inhaler don't inhale inhaling is the worst there's no doubt i am the on vacation i actually ran into amazingly rocky patel which for cigar lovers they know that name and alan ruben they may not know that name but he's the guy who took his two children snatched aims first names alec and bradley and turn that into the out bradley cigar company anyway so i i don't want to sound hypocritical when i talk about cigarettesmoking because i do enjoy cigar from time to time puts people are struggling murray with cigarettes and some forty two fifty percent of smokers tried to quit each year like about now you know at the beginning of the year they that's one of their things forty to fifty percent trying to quit fewer than five percent of them succeed that's how tough that drug is cigarette smoke that is a tough wyatt is very hard to quit and the fact is though the chance to keep on quitting dump beat yourself up you fall off just do it again and do it again and do it again everybody loves a quitter leaf the every clearly acquitted when it comes to cigarettes shagerayev absolutely absolutely here say the fullpage ad the you know that they're all these ads now that the federal quarters ordered all these cigarette companies alsharia rj reynolds tobacco lorillard and philip morris uh to make these statements uh and uh it took him years to finally do it but they were ordered to do this i think a long time ago but anyway this was stunning to me low tar and light cigarette smokers inhale essentially the same amount of tar and nicotine as they would from regular cigarettes and you know how many people switch to low tar and light flying share to help themselves either wing themselves or maybe not have the severe physical effects that cigarettes switch cause cancer lung disease heart attacks premature death it cetera that the low tar ultralights and lights and naturals.

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