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A group of interesting transfers and new addition, you know, you talk about freshman, the youth and inexperience will there's some new faces for Rutgers that are tearing through the big ten. They're undefeated in league play number fourteen this week in the top twenty five, but the only Cryer statia Kerry Cryer. A is a transfer from Georgia Tech and stationed a Carey is a transfer from Pittsburgh, so new places new faces but having a lot of success for Vivian stringer. The big ten is is crazy the SEC's had some moments. But is there anything or any team where he player right now? Rebecca that stands out to you is a no, you're always just watching the landscape. You know, I think a team that we haven't talked enough about. And maybe it's a west coast thing is Stanford. They're really could they're really good on the offensive end. It would not surprise me. One. Bit is Stanford is in the final four this year. And I know talk a lot about what we're gonna because they're really good and out of the pack twelve but Stanford is team that every time I watch them. They impressed me a close game at Arizona state, and I knew flipping through the channels and in came upon that, you know, near the end of the game and everytime. Arizona state made a play Stanford responded, and they just struck me as a team. All right. This is a group that knows how to win. This is a group that knows how to make big plays. And and they're they're a team that that's that's really interesting to me, you mentioned Marquette, you know, this is the year when that's freshman class came in and all those guys were starting and they were young talented. Well, now, they're seasons in pallets it. And and I thought you tweeted about it, you know, when they brought Mississippi State to the wire, you know, everybody else who's. Just learning about Marquette, you better learn about Marquette 'cause you've been covering in China for the last four years, and and they're interesting team to me and you brought up NC state. Yeah. What's more as a remarkable job is the only undefeated team left right now. And they've got a stretch it starts right around Valentine's Day, and it lasts a week where they have sleep games in particular that are going to be tough. They've got Syracuse Notre Dame and and Louisville kind of in a two week stretch. And we're gonna learn about them. But they also have Clemson coming up in clumps as a team that you know, is so much improved for last year this year. So, you know, it's it's just it's a fun year to kind of pay attention to everything. That's that's been going on. Yes. So so much going over Becca. We are always grateful when you make the time to come on our show fans. Also, if you have not checked out Rebecca has a podcast with her husband, Steve that is fantastic. It is hilarious. They talk about every. Anything from parenting to, you know, they're they're dynamics. I mean, they're they're so funny. It's it's so entertaining, Rebecca work. Can they get your podcast where can they listen to it? The the podcast is called ball in chain and pretty much. It's on I tunes. It's on wherever people listened to their podcast. You can you can find it. We also talk a lot about youth hoops in youth sports since that's the world we're in with with four kids now. But but appreciate you talking about it..

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