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Morning said skype to total. Sf wherever you. Listen to podcasts. I'm really against the idea that. Mlb is floated about moving the mount bath and all. It changes the nature of the game for me. But i do. I do get concerned now when we see the exit philosophies the game now between the maple bats and how hard pitchers throw you know. You can see velocities off the bat. Sometimes over one hundred ten miles. An hour chris. Bassett is a great fielding pitcher. He could not get his glove up time and it was. I mean that was one hundred miles an hour with the bat and he tried. I mean you could see like both hands went up yet and it just snuck through the two hands and cut him in the face and it's just not the do. Yeah so yeah. It was extremely scary and he was down for a long time and it was super quiet in that stadium. Obviously we couldn't i. It was really hard to tell them. And you could see the you know the towel that they were holding to. His face was bloody but you couldn't see the extent of the injuries because they kept the towel over his face and he had his hands to his face the whole time. Really the scariest thing. 'cause you see it happened in the moment and he goes down and you're not really sure what's going on there but it's really the reactions of teammates like sean murphy was the first guy.

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