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Name is eleven months old change our name because she realized they named him something inappropriate so you know that gene our baby's name is officially changed its now Jean David Fisher it was Jean a television but we realize that we by accident named our son genital yeah G. yeah but it does not if it would definitely was David yeah yeah I mean I tell I I remember at the time when I announce the birth of her son said sound like genital you did say that yes but then it took eleven months and Amy Schumer's mother to say I'll be happy I've always thought it was general yeah Jeanne apparently because I thought well that's an interesting name for a young adorable baby Jean right is not a baby name node barely gene came from Amy Schumer's love and idealization of gene Wilder and like Jean Wiley happy loves really well there yeah he died in the yes yes while ago right yeah I think so that's all right he was a while ago hold me now and then I tell comes from Amy Schumer's very good friend and fellow comedian Dave Attell yes sometimes the names don't fit your eye while the name of a white yeah I mean but if their story behind it it's call I get behind I get it did you read the book Amy Schumer's book yet that I gave to you I have not would you like about no it's okay I really had intense yet reading it it's very good and it will like it I got it thank you the girl with the lower back tattoo is the name of it this the title loans as funny and very good and she does talk about how she is very good friends with David talent how they they went on tour together and she yeah David tells a very funny thing before so Amy Schumer's young son no longer name genital Jeanne David you know I had a a classmate and I don't know what his parents were thinking and I swear to you this was his name Richard had is the nickname for repairable is that right yeah why would you possibly do that so when the announcements when we're called it would be like what Dick head country I mean it's.

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