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Food will grow will grow not to mention you know may your mailing element temperatures in areas that are currently cold and killing people you know you have you have you know really cold stretches it's difficult to get people to live through those times warm weather can suck but usually is not killing people and if it is to that level we have these things called air conditioners that I know those are evil CO two spewing machines but they seem to help they save lives yet they don't yeah all the time yeah now so you know again this is another example where you have some more credibility if you just admit when you're wrong would be nice you're listening to land back so I want to say about Jason Jason where the real estate agents we work with that real estate agents I trust dot com is Glenn's company they sent in a customer review email one of the customers from a woman named Jennifer that was sent to us about Jason Jason help such a term would have been a very difficult home selling process into something that everybody was actually happy with this can happen you can be happy with your home sale and you know why because of course he decided to just like a lot of the real estate agents at real estate agents I trust dot com put his nose to the grindstone worked his **** off even vice on various changes the Jennifer and her husband could make to the property to improve its appearance they got a virtual tour up that always helps he set that up he juggled all these different offers and all these different appointments and everything that came in and Jason just one out.

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