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Hearing the mitch albom show news talk seven sixty wjr ty we're back here on the mitch albom program doug stanton is a fantastic writer and a local treasure because he's right here and traverse city he is a deeply involved with the traverse city writer's conference i don't know if you've founded it or i founded i've downloaded than that would make your deeply involved wouldn't it i've had the pleasure of speaking at that a before and it's a terrific event an annual event and doug i don't know how with all the things that he does up and trevor city finds time to write the book said he does especially the kind of book that he has now put out a comes out on the 19th actually the odyssey of echo company the 1968 ted offensive and an epic battle this survive the vietnam war this is the story you probably don't know but when you read about it you almost will wonder how is it that we didn't know uh on a single night in 1968 january 31st around a hundred thousand soldiers in the north vietnamese army attack thirty six cities throughout south vietnam trying to topple the government and soldiers forty in particular of a particular company the echo company uh coming from farms and beach towns in big cities all of a sudden are thrown into this comment some movement just gotten there and this book the odyssey bekele company chronicles the odyssey that they faced including ultimately their return home we all know when vietnam vets came back home it wasn't often a pretty situation doug stand is the author of the book and.

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