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Is possible to just give listeners. Some idea of how big thing. Death is going to be seen as in italy as well as is this going to be a clearing all headlines on news bulletin solemn tributes from leaders of the nation etc. Sort of yeah yeah. It's the top item on the italian news websites right now. The president of the republic has already issued a statement saying how deep this losses figures from politics to entertainment to music across the spectrum have paid tribute because she was singer. She was an entertainer but she was truly like a public figure. And what's really interesting. is i guess. Her transition from being this kind of product turban seventies to this very endearing familiar face right aging her aging process. She's still it's always maintained energy as fe was saying she was had. These incredible costume glitter all sorts choreography. Graffiti energy always full throttle but as she ages she also just became this very endearing kind of public familiar figure. She used to have a show called. Prompt rafael lower. People would call and have to guess the number of beans and then she used to present this very very famous show cold caramba paraiso so the the italian version of surprise surprise where she used to engineer meetings between long lost family members and always be like wow surprise and file la had had organized it and also again like this is a sign of how famous somebody gets in our country right. She wasn't arosh file to everyone. You didn't even have to say surname. Well she is going to play us out today. It seems only fitting caramel and fernando augusta. Pacheco thank you for that that all for this edition of the monocle daily big. Thanks to our panelists. Today isabel hilton latifa book and also to monaco's caramel fernando pacheco and nina mill held. Today's show was produced by lots rabelo and researched by. So if monaghan comes out. Sound engineer was steph chun-goo. I'm jamila here in london. Daily returns at the same time. Tomorrow thank you for listening. This is raffaella. Carra playing outwith remorse..

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