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Right sad manchester by the sea is that like a war movie no votes casey affleck oh it's not like an admiral no no no manchester by so i'll watch that within seven days okay now report back lunch you think about that movie i still feel it right now whenever you say that movie i just i can feel everything in that movie today said that he still thinks about that is it long yes almost three hours okay i'll watch busy week but manchester by the sea can watch on an airplane or no i lied two hours and seventeen minutes here oh really long that's my next step in q manchester by the state have you seen anything i haven't cry moving to make me cry so amy's mom she has an eleven year old girl and seven year old boy and they just came to america how many months ago four and so they come back and do an evaluation of four months we'll have they'll it's going to be ongoing for a long time so posted option evaluations they came to the house for the first time yeah how to go i think it would really well she seemed very impressed with us like we're really good parents our children were amazing that good oh yeah and we need to have to talk to them about it beforehand we just like while we just let them be who they're going to be you know don't know what kind of dates going to be when they go home from school but they were awesome so she shows up.

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