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Sweden. And that was a man that was in a position to know practically everything that was going on around the world in advanced institute of advanced study so sitting across the table for next to him was g a clause nobel of the nobel family and he was with sam nielsen and then the next person down was gene key for himself. It was his office so we were in. The next person was lance organ who i had violated me to this because she gone to work for gene and then next to her was jim kane j jim king. It was the founder of the club of rome and then next to him was audio much laura. It was the edge. Japan operatives that was doing the Studies for population grows at the united nations. So it wasn't unusual group of people for me. It'd be because you don't get a chance to be a room with people like that all the time i think cost put together the meeting to see if we couldn't get some discussion going with these very different people. So the place where this gets to me and real fast is that gopi. Krishna was invited to address the united nations by the hopi indian chiefs and other indian chase all of whom referred to him as the red man from the east and so they were invited him to the united nations in all along the way the united says well. We're not gonna have any in the united states. Says we're not gonna have anybody like this talking about america's anything so this was the fourth the third time that this had happened to the hopi elders. They hit petitioned the united nations in nineteen forty seven nineteen sixty four and again in hundred eighty three. They had tried to see if they could get in to. The united nations has feet in at the in eighty three the united states. So said no. We're not gonna do that so the hopi said well. We're going to do it. Because our ancestors are prophecy demands to be told so they entered they or read the main lobby of the main building and they put. It was a standup affair from seven to nine o'clock. And you'll be. Krishna got up and gave a speech. The indians gave a speech. Two or three other people gave gave a speech now. This was at the united nations in the lobby of the main building..

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