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80 degrees Right now only 80 to inherit qualities Not great. We're in the orange. Moderate range air quality's a 60 for those sensitive to take precautions. So much news. I mean, this is how I feel right now Feel like these guys. Well, Irish jig thrown in which is absolutely insane. Absolutely insane. I don't know if you heard or not, but the joint Chiefs of staff. In other words, the Top leadership for all the services now have new quarantine there now. All in quarantine. What's next? The upstairs downstairs staff at the White House or nervous. They're catching Covad. They're freaking out, and they don't know whether to come to work because the president is in the house. I would imagine First lady would be fine was staying in a room doing everything she could not to infect the staff. But the president a moron. He wants to go back to the Oval Office and pretend to be president. Some more. Does he digs pretending? To be president. I don't know what the real president is doing. We have not heard from the Kremlin recently. But As Donald Trump continues to implode. My opinion as we have to. Keep the pressure up. Keep the lens focused. Not just on President Pinocchio, Cheeto, but all of those who are aiding and abetting him. And of course that includes Moscow, Mitch, and that includes gutless, spineless yellow belly. Lindsey Graham includes Matt Gates or Tom Cotton. Devin Nunes and includes deep ears. Chair of the Republican Party. New Mexico includes Mark Ron Keti. And Miss Johnson and Yvette Harold. All collaborators, all complicity with Donald Trump until they say otherwise. It also includes the Murdoch family. And Carlson and Hannity. An Ingram They're all complicity. When Donny completely implodes. They're going to be standing there holding their You know what going Well, no, Come on. I was against him. I was, you know, all of that. That was just pretend I do actually have a backbone. No, you don't. You're all cowards. We learned today. That there's a disagreement about tomorrow night's debate, by the way, will carry live the VP debate tomorrow night here on the radio station. Is now a disagreement. Depends. Camp is now saying, though they agreed to it before they're now saying, Well, we don't want We don't want that plexiglass thing between us and Senator Harris. Why do you think that have they agreed to it? After the president went off to Walter Reed. Course. He went off to Walter Reed. And since then he is, you know, scared down, he's confronted the covert bug face to face. And Donny. Donny defeated that cove it bug he blowed up. He blew it away. He saved planet Er, Donald Trump. He say. Planet Earth for For white people. And mostly men. But he's saved the earth. Donald stood up to covert any beat it and he saved there. Now Pence and I imagine it was imagine. I'm guessing A pretty good guess. Pence's people got a message from old Donny. Saying What a plastic last wall you're gonna look weak. Dude could make us all look weak code is nothing to worry about. 210,000 people dead. Nothing to worry about. Even though in debate his debate with Vice President Joe Biden, he said, Well, one is too many. 210,000 is just about right. But one was too many. He said that three or four times So now the pin's can't depends. CAMPAIGN. The pence debate People were saying, Well, we don't want one of those places Glass wall. We don't like that. Even those CDC came out now said that you know, aerosol bugs can travel much further than we thought. Now, if the Harris team is smart I'll just say good. And the and the pens. People said Listen, if you want to put a full plexiglass shield around you go ahead. You look weak. Actually going to look smart. You look really smart. So do it. Senator Harris and your team do it. Put a 20 ft tall. Up to the rafters. Plexiglass box around her. I'm taking no chance. I will take no chance when I'm vice President, you moron. Joe Biden will take no chances with his health when he's president because he takes the job seriously. So do it. Senator Harris. Do it, Take him up on it. We could take up a collection play for pay for the plexiglass box. The other story today, that just absolutely kind of blows me away and I feel bad about it. Don't know why just because he's such a nice man. And now he's having to explain his past. That's Roger Montoya, These CNN hero of the year from Espanola. What he does for young people, especially up in Espanola. He's running for the state House, right House district 40. Any a winner. But in the meantime, The GOP of New Mexico is coming out and slamming him because 40 years ago. When he was a modern dancer in Los Angeles. He did some gay porn now apparently gay porn. Well, maybe you guys could help me here. Apparently, gay porn is way worse in straight porn. Publicans do not like apparently. Gay porn, especially Straight porn. I don't know, Transport. Buy porn. I guess it's all okay. But gay porn who, anyway? Roger Montoya admits that he said, you know, I was broke, trying to pay the rent trying to eat. On. I did a couple of films. I was doing a lot of casting calls and stuff like that. I ended up doing a couple gay porn film 40 years ago. And the Republican Party of New Mexico is just up in arms. They're calling for him to resign Drop out of the race..

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