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So when i was a kid my mom had a vw square back and you had to drive that car like your skippering tugboat and you're pulling into port like it took three hands it was like shifting there was wind whistling through that weird vent on the side that never shut ride and it was like sawing away the wheel and now mike car has a heated seat with a massage button on it it's just bagan for me to fall asleep like literally the car i'm just sitting in it i can't hear anything i'm not shifting there's no clutch there's like no there is no work to do you just put the best of yanni on and you hit the massage button on the seat you just float off into some nether world and i think a lot of people are getting this sort of sense of they're not having to experience the car so they're distracted and they're starting to multitask meaning answer tax on the phone while they're driving this via because you can't like your mother would not have texted while driving the w square back now i'm pretty certain she couldn't have not only because of a stick shift but phones had not been invented that even cellphones i would like to think that even if cell phones were invented back then the corollas wouldn't of had what we were all about the carrier pigeon so you guys you're working with chrysler right so let's talk about your your vehicle so pacifica minivan can we say mini van do we have a euphemistic term for minivan as many rush lee we lean into minivan we like it we like many embracing many embracing it here.

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