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The vet that they didn't show exactly mid that they had an idea that they would come and who's to say that they ever thought that they were gonna come or they ever committed anything. But now you're all thinking, well, Drake and gesture migra supposed to be there, but they just didn't work out. You know what I mean and met with his fanzine and tell you that they weren't there for Jake Drake and Justin. Timberlake anyway, they were there this. The program is better, Chris Vernon on crisper, and it was there for the team. He was not here. Sold. One hundred dollar tickets is one hundred dollars ticket. My God, my goodness, Chris Vernon was there for the top golf at the after. Oh, yeah. Here's my conspiracy. Penny Hardaway bought all these players and then he needed to get the money to pay out all these players. He said, I got an he said, I got an idea how about we say Drake and Justin Timberlake, the basically the white prince and you know the the hip hop prints, we're going to bring them in everyone, which, yeah, exactly. Justin Timberlake, obviously the hip hop prince, you know, everyone knows that come on, it's Memphis. They love him. So you bring both those guys there. You lie said they're going to be there. You one hundred dollars, everyone pays your sell out. And then now we have a budget you you. You were asking where the budget comes from for these assistant coaches. There you midnight madness with Justin, Timberlake, Drake, tagged on, even though they're not going to be there, but you just pull them last minute, say, sorry that can show up. There's S-Class calling the cops in your own house party to make rent. Unbelievable, beautiful, beautiful. Never mind need. I remind everyone that we still have no idea. If penny Hardaway's a good coach, we have no idea what offense. He runs defensely Rudd's his thoughts on a rotation, or is the whole Diane gonna play. He gave Noida, but he's already. He's already outdone tubby because he's already had a sellout crowd. So he's already ever be the guy that week now he's never going to be a good guy like he will be the bad guy of every week as far as I'm concerned until proven otherwise, speaking of tubby I still haven't. I still haven't got a good explanation. The the Memphis fans are doing one hell of a job trying to justify the coup that has to get rid of tubby Smith. And I just me saying that has already pissed a lot of Memphis fans off the just pause. The podcast and heard are forming their tweets to me, but I'm not saying Toby was great a Memphis. He definitely was not. He was not a good coach of Memphis, but but they're kind of gas lighting what happened with and and gave the guy two years. And he was like better than the program. He inherited like passengers. Last couple years were terrible, gin and then tubby took over and kind of like wasn't worst was slightly better. Maybe there I say, and the now Memphis. Like you don't understand the tubby Smith era was one of the darkest eras of. It was like the like you're talking about on like he's coming. The games does. Yeah. I don't know. It's just it's an you only got two years. Like I mean, I don't know, maybe give them more time, but the point is like anyway, you try to slice it. Memphis fans just be up front with me. That's all I asked. You can say, whatever you want, we all know what happened. You saw the Penny Hardaway was sitting there. You saw the Penny Hardaway you saw the James Wiseman was coming up the ranks. There's going to be the number one recruit, you know that pennies is guy. You know that tubbies not recruiting Memphis that will. And you said yourself, we, we just got, we got a fire tubby get penny here so he could fix this situation. That's all it was. That's what happened and then they, that's what they did. And then now they're like gaslight in the whole thing and be like, well, now hold on. We gotta you gotta understand something about Toby Smith..

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