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I know that's your job and raise like so what's good here well we have a really good to know tara tara is that is that the uncooked stuff i'm like right you're too old to be asking that question i'm sorry you were a blazer everywhere blazers sleep okay you cannot be wearing that many blazers and not know muhtar tar simone cares disgusted and he's like well i've had that experience with the tar tar before that was order okay it was like when we pulled teeth and there were totter all over them baby why you that i think you're jealous because i'm working now and you don't have all of my attention you you are are now now what work like what are you working on well you know me i'm just career gal now you know me like nine to five what a way to make a living right right don don don don tom a ray don don don ray i've started a gala gala my motherinlaw i will work tirelessly until we find a cure for whatever it is that we're supposed to be finding a cure for yeah in other words on the show hugo charity called no huber yellow huber it's like the oh yeah well it sounds like it's like an irish patio huber but it's actually the oh the oh foundation or something or maybe it's oh i don't know i don't how about she put the oh and i don't know and she's been working behind the scenes ak you're just in working on it i'm like change your semantics ma'am you gotta love getting people to come by calling it the gala like no people are serving up like where's oprah and give us some gale and if you look at the sign into later in the episode the os and quotes like we don't really mean this is for an oh it's actually for a q.

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