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Get to the goals that we want to accomplish. I've always found it interesting to ask an athlete about that. Aha moment that moment when they said to themselves. You know. I can play this game at this higher level this professionally. I'm just wondering for you when that moment. Come ooh man. Oh i had a couple of moments they have. I think one moment was my rookie year in seattle and it was in training camp in eastern washington university. That's where seattle at that time training camp and i remember running the ball in practice. Gets cortez kennedy. Michael saint clair and that the adult decent shawn springs who played ohio state number one draft pick for to see how the cup years before i got there and i remember running the ball. Just doing my job at the scout team player. This is show the defense what they're going to face on the weekend or next team run a face and and remember every time i did something that defense didn't like because they're like shaking their heads. Like what are you doing. And i was running the ball and it like slow down you know you. Don't you're gonna get the coach yelling. Edison i'm like well i get yelled at if i don't stop because i gotta run hard because i'm terrell davis i'm showing you. What terrell davis. I'm not showing you. what am i. Yeah i this is how i run but if i don't do it i'm gonna have the coach yelling at me so i just remember those moments like that later into the football season. My teammates is like why are you not starting. You should be to start. And i'm like i. I'm just the ricky. I know my place now this year to learn and you got mentioned that i say but i'm not 'cause i wanna keep my top. I understand. i started learning the business so it was like really keep your shut and just work hard and that time time will come along as i have work put in and i studied the playbook. I know the place my time. We'll go So that was that moment in seattle and then again in green bay came. Probably you know. Within a first couple of years it was a moment is between two thousand to two or three season was just every year. I was learning how to be a professional. And after the first time my first year in green bay. When my best friend teammate eleventh starting running back and then he got hurt and everybody was asking me and telling me you know. You're the starter. And i'm like no i'm not. I said in many interviews. He got up. And i'm not the start on his back. I'm dorsey levens backup until something says something you know. Somebody says otherwise. Because i know my love my role is the backup to starter so that just continue undeveloped as a pro because in my head i don't get a starting job. Any player doesn't get the job do injury until a coach or somebody and a higher power so so in my that i saw at teaching me. I need to be comedy to be humble. I was happy. The fact i was playing. But i was just doing my job. Until dorsey guy healthy and so those moments helped me Those are my album. It's like okay i'm in. Nfl this is me being a pro and at and my job and how to present myself in a moment we have a little bit less than two minutes before we have to break again but As a pro only another pro can appreciate something about fellow teammate. And you've talked about brett farve. I saw the quote one time. He was superman guy. What was it that you appreciate most about him. As a fellow player. I would say the most what i appreciate about brett in his his game was two things one. He had a hell of a time he had fun. He's still play. I believe if i would've known him in literally or in the sippy he was playing like he was still there. That was one thing about him and then his part of him that you just couldn't coach as a pro athlete and and i'd say there's a lotta athletes. I think every pro athlete every famous athlete that we know they have something about them that you can't teach you can't coach about them brett the thing that you can teach in coach that i can say okay peyton manning you could come learn this than breath no because it's only inbred they're thinking about peyton manning that only pay so brett. He was not a waiting room guy he wasn't he didn't like the right room he did do but the power behind his roads were uncomfortable the way he threw the ball. I remember durable. One of our assistant coaches at the time telling me a mind you realize because i was watching breadth with the ball. He's like you brett. The making mechanics during the ball is terrible. I'm like i kinda figured that. 'cause i'm a baseball player. I played and i know how to throw you step into it. You bring your hits. You bring your shoulders kind of thing. Your core is where the ball power comes from and he threw. He threw so hard that he would fall backwards. 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