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We came around where we started up in hall on one hundred and forty street seventh avenue so we came out bom which is doing little tags runaway pro so on we start doing big tax. We was the first ones to create big tanks. Anybody else replicated. That'll at us. I mean so when we was doing these big tanks jaws peeing slade. Clump to shamal a it. It was it was it was a whole croom. Our crew thrown. I'm saying so. Joss be johnson johnson. Look i'm going to take you out to the yard to three yards. That was because because i was the yard that we rock on hundred and forty eighth street on is ten so he said yo take taking to the streets bring out two yards so after a while we thought of hayden hayden streets johnson eight so a couple of other news from day was like no because josh jobs like the general of the yard king into threes so someone who made no disrespect to fill the ways lou jealousy. Whatever the for like who's pulling johnson jobs away from them up saying so on some people at at one time to for reasoning. Is this bugger tagging shown street but it was crazy though because like now is like people go bombing and colors and all that everything we did was all footman with footwork man. I'm on my leap. We had always been dot highways man. We was like motherfucking on on all these main avenues in when we were tagging. All these gates was fucking clean man. Everything was clean and then after that subsequent to that pigs had little tags around them and everything so it was. It was like home there. There was people who did. Like like. I said i had tags around the way but it wasn't no the movement not like that. You understand what i'm saying. So we was the first writings man to actually make that tour. Structural movement man. 'cause nobody know right is history was doing none of that man who was back to back somebo from this winter. That side tweet back to back from avenues. To avenues in he was hitting the trains to threes hitting one. Seventy fifth layup. Now me rocking that too. And like before that. When i was tagged before josh five is nice i go to hosie layup. It hit the wwl's norrland with all the time of rain. Cassini on street in was doing those bombs and as you i never got caught never got caught adding up before but i always really kept him kept within circle that like that so late on we have. We ran into tier. No not. but i'm not like i'm gonna. Tk chino in on washington square. Paul i'm a. I'm a both in washington square. Paul now as low negative a big fucking giants and shit. Now i mean so i've met. Don't we had shop it up and then all for some reason..

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