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Welcome this doctrine michio kaku professor of theoretical physics at the city college andy graduate center of the city university of new york and this is exploration everybody connects flurries and we discussed a fascinating world of science and it's impact on your life now have you noticed that the weather is getting wackier and wackier we're seeing gigantic hurricanes massive flooding droughts we're seeing the weather of the earth being thrown into turmoil and people begin to ask the question well is this global warming well let me be very blunt about this there's no smoking gun you can't point to one hurricane or one drought or one flood and say aha that's the fingerprint global warming however all the indicators point in one direction and that is the earth is heating up meaning that there's more energy in the atmosphere of the earth meaning that there's more energy sloshing around meaning that there's more moisture in the air which can create massive flooding and also droughts at the same time so in some sense global warming is a misnomer it should be called global swings now with this today are two experts on the question of well is the earth beginning to throw out our first special guests as peter ward author of a disturbing book called flooded earth and then in the second half of exploration we're going to bring on another author david archer author of the book the long thaw and so the question we're going to be asking today is not only is the earth heating up but what does it mean if the polar ice caps begin to melt the glaciers began to see if he levels began to rise and we have to have dykes levees and all sorts of different kinds of see barriers to protect ourselves against letter so once again our special guest is peter ward author of flooded earth.

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