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A contentious meeting, the loudoun county school board voted not to release an internal report into the school system's handling of two students sexual assaults. Parents have been calling on the board to release that report for months, but the board voted to keep it under wraps, citing attorney client privilege and student privacy calls to release the report came after a separate grand jury report found school leaders were generally incompetent in responding to the assaults. Former loudon schools superintendent Scott ziegler and schools spokesman wade bayard were indicted by that special grand jury, now one of the defendants is worried he won't get a fair trial. It's a story you're hearing first on WTO. Governor Glenn youngkin and attorney general Jason Millar's have tainted the entire jury pool, according to wade bayard's lawyer, attorney Jennifer loeffler writes that the governor and AG have often referred to loudon residents as being victims of a cover up and that their children were in danger. Since bayard is the school spokesman, that suggests he personally failed to inform parents of the alleged assaults. She says Virginia law insists that jurors not have a stake in the case they're hearing, she's filed a change of venue motion asking bayard's case be tried in fairfax county. Neil Logan staying double you TLP news. There's still no known motive for the shooting at Michigan state university, which killed three students and wounded 5 others on Monday. Investigators say the 43 year old accused gunman had no apparent connection to the campus. We are, meanwhile, learning more about the victims and the survivors. Among the dead in Michigan, junior Ariel Anderson, who wanted to be a pediatrician, sophomore, Brian Fraser, president of his fraternity, and junior Alexandria verner, a talented athlete whose positivity changed lives. Freshman Ryan Callahan hit in the library with his girlfriend. This happens so much and all over the place

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