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Near 90, I think will top out around 89 on Saturday, then pushing up into the low 90 Sunday mid nineties Monday and beyond all update that in the five day forecast coming up in just a few minutes right now 65 on Peachtree Street. Fill the common Atlanta's winning news. The commission that could suspend Clinton County Sheriff Victor Hill first potatoes six. Let's update the traffic situation. The WSB Cool, right Carrier Sky Copter expire. Lamar McKay junior, Dr. Everything's working well beside the Predator. That body is tense so easily. Six flags in your eyes proper. I'll be your springs passing Fulton Industrial Boulevard that crowds extends from North Road to 85. Sunshine. Also mess with the actually like Alison a bridge and I 75 South, Bouncy, Clear Highway 92. The crowd has arrived now 5 75 out of Holly's breaks that flows from before Sixes Road in spots down the highway 92. Woodstock 5 75 that's slowing and we're following 400 flowing as well as the North Springs, part of station that crowd down to acuity. Five. Actually Frasca northeast blow through commerce for about three or four miles. Still, this overturned crash being worked in the right lane and Jackson County 85 south a couple of miles past Maysville Road Highway, 98 so continued to use alternate routes through Maysville in commerce and closer into town. 85 South reports of a ladder in the road That's before Pleasant Hill in the lane next to the H O T. Elaine Triple team traffic 95.5 WSB. This'll is the A M nonstop newsfeed on Atlanta's Morning news, the Cherokee County School Board said to both on prohibiting teaching critical theory, critical race theory this evening, the big aspects of keeping it out of.

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