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Giants go into a game yesterday atsea in seattle are not ah in seattle at home against seattle i should say uh against the seahawks seahawks coming off a bye week 425 kick off and judge jump out on top seven nothing they have a tremendous goal live stand in which the seahawks i think ran i dunno seven eight nine offense who plays inside the chance 10yard line i mean every single time he thought the giants had made a stop uh the there was a penalty be coal um and the giants were able than punching the first score the game jump out 7up led the game seven three at the half and then in the second half you saw the seahawks steamroll big blow was which the giants that's where point seattle scored twenty one on answered points of the second half when the game going away twenty four to seven elizabeth i get a screamin' holler about i think the poll richardson ruling on the feel was the correct ruling i do um now once that is called the touchdown on the field i'll be those video evidence to overturn whether or not landed collins rip the ball away from him in time you know and should have had the interception uh i though is the right coal i do but regardless of which the giants were with that game i mean you have a game which the giants had 14 first downs the entire game two hundred seventy seven yards of total offense they ran the football for forty six yards against going into it the 26th best rush defense in the nfl not the six not the third not the first the twenty six best rush defense of the entire national football league and they ran for forty six yards they had run for well over one hundred yards two weeks ago against los angeles chargers well ran for well over a hundred yards last week against the denver broncos they in for forty six yards yesterday against seattle and he gave that coaching staff and the scouting department for the seattle seahawks a lot of credit be is what did they do all right they saw the video they're working to be fooled they work it'd be stunned they're gonna say all right well were stacked the.

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