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Back and we're talking with michelle singletary We're talking about crisis proofing finances and michelle managing our money. Well that's one of the steps that we can take to avoid getting into a financial crisis to begin with right and budgets. They're an important tool. And you say in your book that if you like being broke the don't budget. Yeah so it's really important. Something out to us You don't give a whole lot of credence to the different budgeting apps like going with the latest new software. This new program. Why is that. Can you explain that santorum listeners. You know people always asking me okay. So what action us to management. Many and i just got my pens on paper. That's what i use. And i get it. People want that cold tool and the core right. I you know. I have a couple that i just use out of fun But here's the thing. This is why. I tell people all the time. It is not that app. That is gonna make you manage your money better by time. People wanna use an app. They have become motivated to get their financial life together. And i and this example that i use like and i know a lot of people. They're going to be in this position. So you buy that treadmill exercise every day five grand on right and what does it end up to be a closing right and sold that treadmill and that bike can absolutely help you get in shape. But if you don't have the motivation to use it it's nothing but a closing and that's what the budget apps are right and so it you need to fire. I most importantly say. I want to have control over my money and then once you say that it doesn't matter what app you use. I like i said i. I'm sitting talking to you right now and in front of me is a little red notebook that i got at the dollar store and i write down my financial stuff and things a financial stuff..

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