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The expanding popularity of exercise has prompted growth in leisure wear in fact Ath- leisures the only major fashion category that seems to be doing well, , almost every other category is in decline I mean who needs high heels to work at your? ? Kitchen table now that active where boom is intersecting with a soon to come trend at least one expert is predicting lockdown inspired mini baby-boom starting in October and going through next March that's according to Marshall Cohen. . Chief Retail Industry analyst with NPD Group A market research firm the obvious underserved opportunity for apparel makers active wear designed for pregnant and nursing mothers. . Last week Nike announced its first line of maternity fashion called Nike 'em. . It'll be available online starting September seventeenth? ? Nike says it's been working on maternity where for three years, , but the timing of its release probably couldn't be better in the US maternity clothing sales have been growing by about three percent of the last few years according to CNN. . That's not because women are having more babies they're not actually but because they're spending more money on maternity fashion nike 'em includes a nursing, , bras tank tops, , tights, , and cover ups. . The company says it compared scans of one hundred, , fifty thousand women's bodies both pregnant and not design the pieces. . The stretchy products grow with pregnancy and spring. . BACK TO FIT new MOMS bodies. . Nike designers also conferred with thirty pregnant and postpartum athletes. . The result functional tops that make breastfeeding easy in tights that accommodate pregnant and postpartum bellies. . Prices range from forty five to eight five dollars. . The new line is an extension of Nike successful efforts to grow it sales to women. . Last year Nike grew it's women's business by double digits according to retail dive the industry publication quoted dense CEO Mark Parker, , who commented that it was quote hard to overstate how important this year has been the evolution of the women's offense at Nike. . The idea behind knock em to take away one obstacle that often stops expected to new mothers from continuing their athletic pursuits. . That obstacle of course, , active wear brands have mostly ignored the large new mom market loving them with few good clothing options for exercising.

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