President Trump, Tim Maguire, Saudi Arabia discussed on Dennis Prager


Throwing it away. So we school. This woman says it's for the best. I know you think. Nobody wants to get e-coli on thanksgiving ever. This is the third e coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce in the past two years. I'm Tim Maguire Indian police say an American missionary is believed to have been killed by an isolated tribe known to fire it outsiders with bows and arrows, they say seven fishermen have been arrested for facilitating the Americans. Visit the island where the killing apparently took place visits to the island of central are heavily restricted, the people. There are known to resist all contact with outsiders. President Trump is thanking Saudi Arabia for plunging oil prices. The president tweeted on Wednesday from his mar-a-lago club in Florida. It's great that oil prices are getting lower, and it's like a big tax cut the national. Crude benchmark has fallen under sixty five dollars a barrel from a four year high of more than eighty six back in October more from townhall dot com. Now play. What are you waiting for? Got to do. The movie event forty years in the making Greg skid stagers. Cree to will make the whole family stand up and cheer, Michael Jordan. We got together sisters to loft. For what? T- some material may be inappropriate for children under thirteen. Now. That's holiday you..

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