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Going on i was listening to you guys and i just to tell you i'm retired offense alive but we're not retired i aged out that never never found my paperwork fair enough i i just want to tell you guys as of x offense alignment when you have two different types of backs both don't fit whatever system you're in and their style dictates to you how you block so if you're gonna shifty shifty back like cohen you eat your first guy tend to mock knock them all this feat of knocking rob give them a little space create lanes and then you go for the next guy do the same thing you're not trying to kill anybody but with jordan howard you're trying to drive the guy into the ground so that way he can't be caught three colon just runs he's like a joystick yeah ben let me ask you a question because what you're saying how do you think this bears offensive line with kyle long and and what they have going into the season and going into the wrath i okay so anyway name i forgot yeah quite hair i mean why you're nice and long as nice as healthy and as long as you put effort in expressive with colin that extra effort will will open up lanes for him he make people miss and go now if you got powered in the backfield he's just a downhill running we're going to get ten twelve at the pop something great cause a safety took a bad angle that's the only reason why howard really pops anything big safety took a bad angle i mean there's appreciate the call and a lot more time talk offensive line play especially after the bears make a decision and pick drafted garden the second or fourth round a good call by binding you know it's gonna be interesting because i agreed to the principle that the offensive line does make the running back to some extent because think about it in today's nfl how many running backs or show good that it doesn't matter who's in front of because they can do it yeah otherwise most running backs for disposable and you can kind of put whoever back there and have four or five guys and kind of rotate through and get through the season that way as well you're listening to.

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