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Catch, But to Willie, it was the throw. That was the most important. John Shea is with me, John Shea wrote with Willie Mays. The new book 24 Life stories and Lessons from the Say, Hey, kid, and if you're not familiar with Willie Morris, Willie Mays 24 was the number on his jersey. Um, tell us about the catch. We just heard Willie Mays talking about it. You tell us about it, John. Well. It was the first game of the 1954 World Series and the Giants were playing the Cleveland Indians, The mighty Indians who won 111 Out of 154 games that it's shorter seasons back then, and the Indians were supposed to come in and sweep and just dust these guys off and and go on and celebrate their worlds Championship well, It's a tie game, eighth inning. Vic works at the plate and Vic works has been hitting the ball all day long. And the Polo Grounds are just just the goofiest dimensions you'd ever imagined. 2 50 something down the line and right. But 483 the dead center. God, It's like, you know, pretty much across the river in New York. It pretty much stretch to Yankee Stadium. But there it was deep, deep center field and shallow down the lines and then a jetted way out. There was so big that the bullpens were actually on the field of play and left center and right center. And there was made out in center field and Of the five tools, he tells me. I'm most proud of my defense, even though he hits 660 home runs and did all the other things you cited at the beginning here, But so Vic works and he's playing shallow by the way, because, uh, the left handed pitcher by the name of Don little I don't I don't want to interrupt you because you're a great storyteller. But if I don't the news is going to interrupt us. So I'm going to put you on hold and we'll finish telling the story of the catch when we come back. John Shea is my guest. He wrote a book, a new book with Willie Mays. It's called 24 Life stories and lessons from the Say, Hey, kid, and we will be right back with our discussion. You're welcome to join us at 80 88 10 80808 10. Fan mail on the Mark Thompson show. Thank you for getting my husband and I threw a very long, reclusive and lonely pandemic. We did not kill each other because of the break. We gave ourselves to listen to kgo Monday through Friday, 10 to noon. Oh, that's nice. We do. Listen and enjoy. Nikki Pat Chip and, of course, the Statesman. Mr Rothman. Whoa! I'm sorry. Go. Yeah, This is awkward, but I really liked it when they were lavishing praise on me. Why do they have to throw in the stuff about everybody else On this? They said we gave our son A break to listen every day. The kg on Monday through Friday 10 to noon. That's exactly right. And then and then they're going to. We also enjoy Nikki Pat. I mean, I'm just saying, Let's keep this about me, everybody. Okay? When you write anyway, go ahead. Breath. She goes on to say when I take the edge off the compliment a little bit is all I'm trying to say Hey, to hear the new station slogan marks pitching the boss Katie Oh, home of Mark Thompson. And some others. Lee Hammer says No Thompson 10 to noon on your radio and smart speaker kgo 8 10 and now listen to more of the best of Pat Thurston. As a pet to Willie going on here. Keep the left that wanted way back. Way back way back by number 600 for Willie made everybody my baby. But after and the Giants have the whole place the greatest Number 600 provided they headed over the 370 ft parts. I'm standing ovation here, Diego or will it? Oh, that's so exciting to hear that what year was that? John Shea. Wait. We have to bring him on the air. There you are. John. What year was that? The 6/100 home run. What was that 69? I think? Yeah, I think I heard that live. I think everybody in San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay area heard that live. Yeah, that was that was a big deal. You know, his biggest home run wasn't really the milestone. 506 100. It was 5 12 because that gave him the all time National League. Home run record over Mel Ott, the former giant. Uh, so 5 12 was really his biggest thing. You know, 506 100. That was okay 6 60 he finished with but in his mind, That was really something because there are different leagues back then it wasn't interleague play. There's no th the National League stood alone. Babe Ruth had the American League records may have had the National League record. Okay, so we left When we went to our break. We were still talking about the catch. And so now we just played his 6/100 home run. You know as that happened, but let's finish talking about the catch. Where do we leave it off? The ball was in flight. Mays was on the run. I think that's probably what it was. Did his hat fly off? I didn't see his hat fly off in the very end. Yeah, He waited till the very end for sale points, right? No, it wasn't just the catcher was the moment. Of the catch. It was Game one of the World Series, and the game is tied in the eighth inning, and there's runners at 1st and 2nd L. Rosen, who later became a giant general manager, was on first and Larry Doby, the first African American The player in the American League was on second. So with one out they were on the run thinking, okay, This is either two run triple or three run inside the park home run of the better pick works and maize was playing shallow. Because don little was a curveball pitcher, and he knew that often times. Base hits wouldn't be long fly balls. And then maybe Mays could cut off the run at the plate. But anyway The guy hits at a country mile and I spoke with Vin Scully, Um, who estimated it at about 440 Ft. John Miller, who's really a polo grounds Historian has all the books and all the photos in his office at home. As well as probably 454 155 well on the broadcast that day, Jack Brickhouse said It was probably 4 60. I think John Miller is probably the closest it's 4 83 to Dead center. But 20 Ft of that is in a recessed area. It was more like 4 62 the main wall. In the outfield, and Mays made the throat from the warning track. He caught it just shy of that and then turned him through from the warning track Either way. It's a long, long.

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