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Of taking the antipatriotism argument right but three years later a nearly identical case came back up and the court ruled six two three that just kidding you can sit out the pledge if you owe your convictions demanded is this the warren court is this earl warn era no harlan's stone was articles achieve justice in the 1940s do jehovah's witnesses make that case about a swearing on a bible in court or pledging allegiance to the united states in when they joined the military yes i believe so they you have the option to affirm rather than swear and if that's not enough in a loophole for them i think they i think they're just given a pass right and today it's you know there's a challenges from all kinds of humanist an atheist organizations on the same grounds pride and even the idea that i kid sitting given the opportunity to opt out of the pledge of the texas pledges not a good solution because it again it isolates the kid and and so ties is him or her do we live now in an era when people do not say the pledge in schools i haven't been in a a school at dawn in a long time it's interesting a washington state law we live in the great unwashed in washington dictates that the pledge of allegiance should be set every morning in my experience there's almost no seattle public school that does so and in fact a local school with a kind of a global who internationalised flavor took a lot of heat from parents a couple of years ago when it started saying the pledge you know hey we took our kids here to have more of a touchy feeley one world united federation of planet survive sure and this is really harshening are melo every morning so all the schools in seattle or not in compliance with state law i feel i feel like there's maybe a crackdown if maybe that invalidates the education that all these kids are getting their diplomas are actually no good.

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