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The women Pat lobe KYW newsradio last Philadelphia police commissioner to resign under fire Grigor Sam bore after the move bombing along Osage Avenue back in nineteen eighty five we'll have more on the departure of risk rich Ross coming up now to Hey we are still seeing some plenty of construction on the overnight also delays as well if you come in ninety five south bound you have to move far over to the right as soon as you can from street to academy you're gonna find the two left lanes taken out for overnight work a scoop westbound right wing closure between south and the vine expressway at any time now that is going to blossom into a full closure of the west bound but we do during people off of the street level past the station and then back down around once again for twenty two east bound oaks the trooper that has rightly road work in place that's going to stay in overnight PA turnpike westbound coming in towards Valley Forge you've got railing construction to deal with also Leslie taken out eastbound approaching Valley Forge as well in the east bound again as you get past Ben Salem with the right lane gone northeast extension coming north on a mid county that has rightly construction in until five AM take a look at the Millie's furniture jam cam ASEAN some delays on the Boulevard southbound due to right wing construction between broad and fox the delay seems to be staying just for the project itself with pain to a to northbound Phyllis were determined drive you've got overnight construction with flagging cruise in place would be Ben Salem street road both directions between old Lincoln highway in the turnpike slip ramp your gonna find left lane road work with some delays and the bridges to Coney Palmyra bridge also Burlington Bristol you can find link closures with alternating traffic until five AM next update less than ten minutes in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm AT Anderson this weather five day forecast here's C. B. S. three meteorologists the heat advisory remains in effect for the region right through Wednesday night.

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