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During this time directors brought in somebody they were very familiar. With max headroom co-creator george stone come in and contribute additional ideas as the writers determined that they needed to break off from the directors to form a story from what they had. Now when concocting all this things got even more expensive. These set pieces force them to acquire additional funding through a presale to disney distribute but disney demanded a very child friendly script revision. This was skewing way to adult. It was going to be way over the heads of kids. They thought so. They wanted everything to be redone. So your typical kid could really understand it and be entertained by it and the reason why they wanted to do. This was not necessarily artistic. It was because they actually wanted to build. Mario brothers related theme park attractions at disney world and disneyland site so joffe he decided. Well we're getting to the point where we actually have to shoot this thing. He contemplating actually stepping it at this point in writing a new screenplay himself but the directors begged him not to because they had finally found a script after all of these revisions as everybody seemed happy with but joffe knew that disney was not going to be pleased by this so without knowledge of the directors. Joffe hired bill and ted co-creator solomon along with ryan row to try to soften things up with a script with the revision without changing the plot. Because the sets and costumes were nearly complete. They didn't wanna change any of that. So solomon came in he altered or excised all of the adult elements he could strippers hookers junkies. All that stuff was completely removed or it was changed very dramatically in the script. He jettison especially expensive set pieces. Like this mad max style. Mario kart sequence that was scripted in their the brooklyn bridge finale even found its self cut completely out and the director's not knowing all of this was going on. They were finally handed. Solomon script about two weeks. Prior to the start of filming. They considered quitting at that point. Knowing that this was just never going to work. This was not the movie that they signed on to do but the felt professionally obligated to try to carry through all of their very complex ideas. They felt that they might actually save the film if they could be around to make adjustments while they were shooting morton ceremonies though very disappointed he went out and burned his meticulous storyboards in the parking lot because he felt that they no longer. We're going to have relevance for the film that they were going to be making in the future morton did wake up early. Each morning to draft all new storyboards for all of the various units who were shooting concurrently and to retain the cast and crew the directors. Instead of telling everybody that this was out of their control they actually went out and promoted all of these changes that disney had wanted to make to their film the ones that they actually hated deep down as beneficial to all of the cast and crew to try to keep them from fleeing now. After falling behind dramatically the producers did contemplate firing the directors. But there was nobody else at this point who fully knew what what movie that was. Actually trying to be made here. The best they could do was whatever visions still retained in the minds of morton jank kelso. They decided they weren't gonna find the directors but instead they're handpicked cinematographer peter levy that was basically a warning shot to the directors to not make too many changes so they replaced levy with oscar..

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