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Live from npr news in washington i'm windsor johnston evacuation orders have been issued for nearly two thousand residents on hawaii's big island at least five homes have been destroyed after they kill away a volcano erupted spewing molten rocks and high levels of sulfur dioxide into neighborhoods geophysics expert tina neal says conditions are being closely monitored we're continuing to track drop in the lava level lay it's been fairly steady over the last couple of days there's been no exhilarated in the lake in the rate the lake is still visible to our monitoring web cameras but it certainly way out of sight of anyone at the jagger overlook it's not as deep as it has been since the eruption started in two thousand and eight that it's obviously something we're watching carefully officials say series of earthquakes have followed the ongoing eruption at six point nine magnitude quake shook the island yesterday afternoon iran says the united states will make a historic mistake if it pulls out of the two thousand fifteen nuclear agreement and a speech today iranian president hassan ruhani said his country is prepared to respond to such a move npr's peter kenyon reports ruhani's comments come days before president trump is set to make a decision on whether to pull out of the iran deal stay ruin earn a news agency quotes president hassan ruhani is saying instructions have been issued to iran's atomic energy organisation and other government agencies on what to do with the us reimposes sanctions on iran ruhani didn't specify what the response would be other officials have warned that tehran could quickly ramp up its nuclear program if washington doesn't continue to abide by its commitments under the agreement trump faces a may twelfth deadline to decide whether the us will continue to waive economic sanctions against iran as the obama administration agreed in negotiating the deal peter kenyon npr news is standard at least twelve people are dead after an explosion at.

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