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Seven seven five ninety fifty five twenty five. All right. Let's go talk to mislead. North Austin Healey said you going. Thank you for taking my call. Sure. I'm not sure that they're going to be really up your alley or not. But I was wondering about floral arrangements. I you know, we have fresh flowers every Friday, and so, then we get a letter of, of flour first hours in the house, and then you gotta go and, and every now and, again, the water gets foggy and you take it out. And you know, I short up a little bit you just vase. And then yeah. Trim. The leaves off it would go down into the water. So it doesn't rot in there, but I was wondering, there's little not where the come out of and when you're cutting them should you cut above or below that not, you know, with cut flowers, it doesn't really matter if you're not. I mean that's that's very important. If you're trying to propagate something. Yeah. But as far as cut flowers go it doesn't really matter in. You do exactly the same thing. I do you know. Because when you get a bundle summer gonna live longer in some are going to just be good for day or two. And you put that. Yeah. Well, all Strom Maria's. Oh my gosh. They last for two weeks. L Stroh Marya. They're always the grocery store. Oh. Saying it right. Kevin love them, and the several different colors, and he was a big of fan of cut flowers in the house. He brought flowers home all the time. Wonderful. Yeah, it's really sad. So, okay. But that's the way I do it. And yet. Cut him out of my garden because want anybody how to want you messing. Unless you have a dedicated cutting garden. I'm with you on that. Okay. I appreciate your help. Thank you. Yes, ma'am. Thanks for calling Kilby Jay, now let's head up to Fredericksburg. And if y'all want to join the show one two eight three six zero five ninety or toll free eight seven seven five ninety fifty five twenty five Cathy Fredericksburg, which were there. Oh, thank you for taking the call, sir. We just moved to Texas from the north, and I've never seen grass than has stickers on the top of. I'm guessing grandkids could probably lead to death. The worst. They are the worst or. Or can you even get rid of him? You kin. It's a lengthy process of the one of the things is a nitrogen rich soil is less likely to have stickers stickers or one of those natures remedies for reinvigorating poor soil, and it's like they go in there, and they put their roots down. They hold the soil in place, they put on these stickers. So everything else will stay off of it. The soil tries to recover. So the problem is the seed, the seed has to be you have to break the seed cycle, as you apply nitrogen wanna use an organic time release nitrogen and they're made by several different companies lady Medina garden Ville, forget all the names, but that's what you want. And then meanwhile if you've got a big O yard. You know, like a big property, you're gonna have to tackle this one area at a time, like right where the kids are gonna play. Okay. One thing you can do is MO with a bagging mower Momo. We've done that we've been here a year, and we've done that every time we've mode. But there's still a lot of seed in the ground. The plants are premium. So that's, that's our problem. And what you what, say organic farmer would do would be to take an old blanket. Or maybe in your case, old beach tale, something like that drag around that area, try to pick up as much the seed as you can. And then you can also put down porn. Gluten, you put that down say, in January February you may even want to do it again. It's good for about six weeks, and that keeps the seed from germinating corn. Gluten, and that's just a powder or a grey us, like a green you put it up there at certain times of the year. Like some people put it out in October. To, to minimize the winter weeds, growing and other people put it out. Also in early spring, but stickers. The seeds mature a little bit later in the season. You know, it's going to get a little bit hot for stickers, so you may wanna push your towards putting it down in March or something. Okay. But that's the best thing I can tell you because shorter getting out there on your hands of news. And pulling everyone of those things eventually stickers, hate nitrogen. So if you can get that area, get some nitrogen that Seoul were chronically short of nitrogen on our soil's down here. Okay. You know, some people would tell you to put round up on it. But the problem with that is it poisons the soil. It gets in the water is not a good product for spraying on the on the soil. I like to stay away from chemical need to okay, but I'm just going to tell you that, if you go to, you know, to some nursery out there, they might tell you. That's what you have to do. And I, I disagree, so. Welcome to Texas per Brown. Snakes out there, too. Okay. Okay. Kevin hundred place. We'll be right back the Todd and Don show morning, Kennedy nine years old Donald Trump. Our resident is lazing. I love him and are in the not feeling not feeling love it. What grade? Are you in third grade gray? It's awesome. You're Donald Trump fan about that. I didn't know what an economy was when I was in third grade. That's cool. Parents Todd and done. We day mornings five to ten AM, Markelle Melinda. San.

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