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On tnt in terms of doing the job right know just taking whatever came to me. Opportunities came to the big the big ones back out stance pull the knowledge able to make some shots excited. And here's tom dibitetto. And he says walker was. He played a great game. You know. i thought our team played a great game. And you know. And that's that's what. I love about our team. We have great depth. Randall says after losing a chance to sweep orlando on that back to back. They lost on sunday. He says yeah that. Got me the about this league. Good teams in this league High character teams. Like it's okay to reverses okay. Flip slip-ups respond. What do you think clearly. The the energy around this team is as high as we've seen it in a really long time grace. Yeah the fan base is crazy about the team. They loved the team. They love the fact that we have a winning team on. When you go to the garden you should see good effort. Even though they didn't see that against orlando what do you make of the fact that there were only fifteen thousand there last night. I don't know if it has something to do with the vaccination situation you know you never know. I mean the weather. You know you have whether issues last night. Yeah that was. i mean. Even sunday only sixteen nine against orlando wild. Though surprising to me it'd be interesting to see what the rangers do on on friday night friday night hockey night awesome. So hopefully they'll sell out and they'll they'll reflect their fan. Base is opposed to you. Know coming into this going out for a monday evening skate. Here's doc rivers. Give the knicks. A lot of credit thought new york was so much more physical presses around the difference in the first quarter second quarter. We made a couple of shots. As what i need to hear about the rangers. I understand we're supposed to be physical. It was supposed to be a tougher team. Play against yes. The knicks are the rangers. Not yet but they'll they were. I mean they had a four game winning streak and that was good but they're always were playing out of their minds. Fifteen game losing streak to the sixers snapped by new york with that win. They will be in chicago tomorrow night. Tonight you've got the nets and the heat Lakers beat the spurs in overtime one. Twenty five one. Twenty-one i tried playing this earlier and loaded the wrong stupid spot. But i just like the call russell westbrook getting things done westberg into the french court. Dribbles down the middle the defense lab dot grasp brooke he took it right turtle and dumped it on top of his thirty one for run bed for an older guy as much as this team is. He had thirty three on the night. Also ten rebounds eight. Assist the near triple double lakers beating the spurs and overtime anthony davis thirty five points seventeen rebounds but a little banged up frank vogel. Yeah we'll just have to see how sort is he just banged knees with One of the spurs players and Got sore but he was able to continue We'll see how response meantime the jazz rhonda beating the nuggets. By twelve warriors. Beat the thunder. Was six ninety. Eight steph curry had twenty three dish by the way. Well they're out to a foreign start. And i think last year was so bad for them. Bryce i would agree with you. I did he get that top one hundred player klay thompson back. I don't know the answer to that. No great question. Mavericks beat the rockets one. Sixteen to one. Oh six and then play the that plead these earlier. I just thought these were funny. This jimmy butler Having big expectations for kyle lowry because his daughter's having a birthday and he's looking for a huge gift of the birthday tomorrow. And i wanna really expensive gift hundred thousand plus cow on a thousand she needs and then it has to. He was being serious. Thousand sit thanks yes. Y'all thousand. i'm not damn dead on my ass or good is a damn my ass team. Dan my up time. Dan dan my ass. Yeah dan my and my aunt how they got mothers bleeper better notes. My daughter's birthday bleeper better. No is there any one of us here. I wouldn't expect you g. But i've been with these guys for over god twelve twelve years now in a long time. Any of the threes have any idea what month one of my son's birthdays are let alone. Which june now. April may and. He's got one of them. That was pretty good. No no december. No one no february. Nope not many more monthly. No october october. I find it was until gonna say april because april. That's actually for your birthday is right yes nor do i know when yours is allison and no one cares about boomers per is jerry was now. I mean we all hits. But i couldn't tell you off the top i would say boomers either. Late may or early june. Really you really don't know. Is that not right. That's not right really said my birthday april yes. Hello world series game one last night and houston. The crowd was fired up and boy. They quiet down quickly. Well deep left going back this one. Nothing braves bills like busted loose stone. A world series. That was swing. Hold on for a second jerry henry and connecticut what's happening. Hey what's up. I gotta make this quick video before. I say this is everybody. Happy at the dnc hassles. Well we're trying to bring did have a little bit of a meltdown segment outside of the door wondering why wasn't coming out so But yes we're doing okay. We're doing okay. I felt like i was in the shower and my four year old. Bang on the door to yet. That's exactly what was going on. Try to bring her loves her daddy. That's a good thing. Well at least for now she does. She turns it to a teenager. She'll hate my guts. Everybody tells me this is all but yeah. Yeah but she got back. They have to pay for the wedding right right exactly. So yeah no she was. She was outside of the door wondering what was going on. And then i was hoping it didn't go on the air. But i could tell it was going on the air and the whole thing so i mean there's been only two instances of that since i've been home with her having a meltdown outside of the door. So hopefully we have one more day of this tomorrow. One more show from home. As long as i'm feeling okay in a negative test. I'll be back in there under the week. Dave and westchester has a very good idea for you dave. What's happening guys g. I know it's tough having the little girl up there. I got six kids myself but You know one way to maybe keep her at pieces. Therapy that disney. Because they offered the game plan you could play the game plan on a loop uncle residual. You know it is interesting. I think she's still might be a little young for that movie to to stick inch come on stop. I showed the gun or saving private ryan when he was like four no way. There's absolutely no way him to watch it with grandpa grandpa was over there. Yeah yeah so so me gutter and grandpa so is game plan on yes come on by it. Let's go project you don't i on. Tnt a few weeks ago. Yeah i always got like three dollars and thirty seven cents. Check a male. Do you really think the rock is getting a lot for direct deposit. I should three and thirty seven cents. You know a tax return for that god. It costs more to file tax return than it is for the money that you get pain in the ass but anyway yeah so yeah but Sabrina uncle boomer gameplan. That'd be right. yeah she does. She does refugee his uncle boomer. Now so i'll put on you don't get a residual for every time it gets streamed know i don. I have no idea about that. You know maybe. I should get my agent on that seriously. Here was adam. All on fox charlie morton played with a Tried to pitch with a fractured lower part of his leg. After getting hit by a comebacker Here.

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