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Four. Strut. His father used to play the ukulele in the PM. And needs tomorrow, his first band was called the decibels when he was fifteen. Hollywood nights. There's nothing interesting there. I didn't know about Bob's. Shakedown. I know. And you see Jesus, the Queen of knowing a lot about people that no one cares about jamming me. Strawberry jam come on. I don't have that one. That was quite like that song, though. Because it's mentioned jokes. Bob sag its own. Yes. Was not sure I don't know what we're doing here. I know I think my wife, my wife is nailed. It is this the show. Yeah. Like you doing your show for you guys. Right. Played. Kinda. We're just doing it won't back down back bacon. Oh perfect lovely. Hang on. I'm gonna get this one. Hey, Bob sag. It was known for salad dressing. It's not salad dressing. Seger. Yeah. What about Bob Seger Salvadro Bob sack? It's general. That's.

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