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And weather together on the voter Durant. Dense fog across the expressways. The toys visibility is reduced today. The Edens inbound twenty three minutes from lake cook to the Kennedy. It's twenty nine on your drive out to lake cook road. Kennedy inbound at fifty three minutes from O'Hare to downtown thirty eight in from the junction, the local thirty six and the express outbound Kennedy thirteen Montrose, forty one minutes out to O'Hare. The Eisenhower inbound now an hour and two minutes from route three ninety forty four minutes in for Mannheim about thirty two Mannheim forty-three out to three ninety the Stevenson inbound an hour and six minutes. Three fifty five delayed show, Dr. And fifty six minutes in from the tri-state outbound fifty-five is looking okay, though. The Dan Ryan down thirty one minutes from ninety fifty downtown. No major delays outbound on the Ryan Fifty-seven inbound twenty from I eighty the Bishop Ford twenty nine minutes eighty ninety four the Dan Ryan merged with no outbound delays on the south side. Expressways lakeshore drive northbound heavy from the Stevenson Jackson, southbound heavy Lawrence to pass north avenue. The tri-state northbound slow from the mile long bridge to Ogden and to ninety two the grand avenue curve, southbound tristate, you're looking okay. No major delays on the atoms or the Reagan tollways right now that visibility is reduced with the fog in the area. Three fifty five northbound heading north avenue to ninety no major southbound problems. Route fifty three is okay. The same is true on I eighty looking pretty good in northwest, Indiana, eighty ninety four I sixty five and the Indiana toll road in the south loop westbound Roosevelt heavy approaching canal because of a crash also in Clarendon hills, northbound route eighty three hundred sixty three to fifty fifth due to a crash further north in Bentonville northbound route Eighty-three heavy before third avenue grove, that's because of my functioning traffic lights there. If you see something happening on the roads, we'd love to hear from you the WBZ Art Van traffic tip line is eight five five seven zero eight five five seven hundred seventy six twenty three traffic and weather together. On the eighth every ten minutes on.

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