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Com real faith dot com okay. it's called christian theology versus critical theory. It's important of votes. A balcony has written about this as well that we really understand this and this is a very small book And you're giving away free which is amazing. But i'm kind of amazed that so many in the church are somehow open to these horrible ideas. What do you suppose it is. I guess my theory is that they just don't want to be combative. And they think that's combative. That's maybe mark driscoll. Eric metaxas have a personality to deal with that. I just wanna be nice. I just want to preach the gospel. But the problem is if you don't speak out against something like black lives matter and understand. This is marxism this is not about carrying about other colors. This is this is about harming those people in the name of helping them and you have to confront that but it's a very ugly thing a lot of people i think. Maybe it's not in their personality and they just. They're hoping they can take a pass. I guess that's my. That's my best estimate of why some people are not fighting this. Yeah and what i would say is. There are some who have written on critical race theory. That's one element or application of critical theory. Which is a much bigger issue but most have not hit it from the perspective of spiritual warfare as a christian anna bible teacher for twenty five years teaching through books of the bible. If you believe that satan and demons are real then you have to believe that what is it. Were behind critical theory. And it's a powerful cultural force that has taken over social media it's made its way to throttling platforms. It is brainwashing kids in schools. It is attacking marriage family gender economics politics every area of society. You have to come to the conclusion that behind it are demonic forces at work that this is really god versus satan playing itself out in a very real cultural battle. The first critic in the history of the creation was satan. He looked at god. And god's governance and god's kingdom and said i disagree. I'm going to topple the authority. I'm going to disrupt the order. I am going to change the law. And so what we are seeing is really the war in heaven. Playing out on the critic has come to earth and he wants to dismantle authority and god's presence in every sphere of society and so for the christian of what you say is. I don't do conflict. what you're saying. Is i do welcome the demonic. I like the way you put it because that unfortunately is exactly correct. Wh i really feel that something happened to the church over the decades where we forgot that fighting for truth and justice and for those who are oppressed biblical value fighting is value. I think we've forgotten. We thought that we could just i. I think people kind of come up with this idea that they think that i can just love somebody into the kingdom as though that might not entail fighting for what is right or true and obviously you're saying that you know you can't you can't really be neutral because it spiritual and i love the fact that you're saying this is spiritual warfare because sometimes we've got a call a spade. This is the monarch and the way it has crept into everything so quickly us. I'm tempted to see it. As as an anti christ's spirit or really almost as an end time Anti christ spirit because none of us has seen anything like this in our lifetime. Certainly not in the west. Yeah i would fully totally completely agree. It's like why is it so powerful. Why was it so sudden. Why is it taken over. Every area of academia. Why is it made. Its way into our kids classroom. why is it made. Its way into what bathroom we can go into. Is it affected everything we do. It is because it is a demonic force and satan is always seeking to establish himself as the highest authority in every single spear and realm. And right now. He's got media got politics economics behind him and in the age of social media. Now what we have is we have the ability to brainwash people at the most rapid pace in the history of the world and with kovin and things being shut down and people living online and being filled with fear and then joining in the rage of the day. It just accelerated and exacerbated i think a demonic cult-like brainwashing of an entire planet and the bible does talk about in the last days delusions and deceptions and people being led astray. I'm one hundred percent. Convince that that's exactly what we are seeing. It's interesting i think. Even a lot of christians. They shrink away from the idea of spiritual warfare that they think everything can happen in the intellectual realm the realm of ideas. But we're talking about something it does you can sorta smell it. It has a force. It's nasty it's ugly and it has just metastasis metastasized into every part of culture. That's what i find so extraordinary. And that's why i'm glad you don't just deal with critical race theory in this book. Folks you can get a free copy and real faith dot dot com dot com. You'll stay shutdown. Algae versus critical theory. Yeah you deal. With critical theory gives us the thirty second view of witted critical theory. Come from does it come from the frankfurt school. Does it come from graham. She i mean. Is this just cultural marxism in our time. Yes as a short answer. Yes it does start. In germany at moves out it does come out of frankfort that is ultimately what is happening. But what happens in marxism. The effort is made to create heaven on earth without god and it's replacing god with government and it's the human vision of heaven. It's not god's vision of heaven and so this is playing itself but that is very spiritual. Of course marxism is eight. Theistic it is it is not godly or honoring of the word of god in any way. And so this is a counterfeit. We're going to leave it there. But you have you've wrapped it up. It's beautiful folks. Christian theology versus critical theory. Get a free copy at real faith. Dot com mark briscoe. God bless you and thank you beautiful hater folks if you listen to this program you know that i care about religious liberty and that i've been begging you.

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