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In the Supreme Court. The federal Supreme Court I don't believe Pennsylvania judges. They're gonna They are our stake screwed up. I don't believe any state judges are going to do that. You got to go to the feds. All right here. The stats. Um, politico, Left wing website. They have a polling place. Uh, pulling outfit hired. Morning Consul Way off on the presidential election. Told you about them in the past, unreliable totally. So they take a poll 1994 registered voters, But Democrats outnumber Republicans by 8%. So what do you think you're gonna get? And the question was. Do you believe that Donald Trump should concede the election? 46%. That's pretty low. I thought a beam or say yes. All right, um Democrats, 72% of Democrats say should concede Republicans on Lee 17%. Say he should concede And you know what I say he shouldn't concede. I wouldn't concede to fire President Trump ever How about that? Because I think that there was Wrongdoing in the election. Now. Does that mean I wouldn't cooperate with Biden coming in that I wouldn't be polite that I wouldn't give him access. No. Would Once the votes a certified Then you do What everybody else has always done. But what I concede. No. Not the way it stands now. Reuters poll. 68% of Republicans say the election was rigged. 68% Think it was rigged. That's Republicans and there were a few Democrats and independents to think it's read, too. Now, no matter what happens. And the heavy odds, Arza told Sean Hannity opulence into that, by the way, um, that Joe Biden will be the next president. That's not gonna That's not going to change the minds of the people think it was great. So what should happen? Jesus. Soon as the Senate comes back in the session in January are pal Mitch McConnell. She'd have a bill already written, called the Fair Election Bill. And on the fair election bill, it should have standards that all states have to meet. In the next presidential election in 2024. Here's what you have to do states. States can still oversee as the constitution allows. But there should be standards. As I said, if California decides to vote to drop the voting age to eight. Which could they could do in Sacramento? This feds got his, you know. Okay? Now the reason I want McConnell to do that in the Senate. Is because all the Republican senators would vote for that bill. I believe we'll see how many Democrats would vote for it. The fair election bill. Because in my opinion, there are Democrats don't want fair election and I could be wrong, But I think I am Let's get to the male Georgia on the message board and Bill O'Reilly dot com. I'm sick and thinking that our Supreme Court would be bullied by and TIFA be a lamb and other criminals to select our next president. That's the case they don't deserve to be Justices. Again. I dealt with this Georgia. I hope you watch whole program a top It's not a matter of being bullied. It's a matter of human nature. There is a cause and effect to every ruling. The Supreme Court makes they know they overturn the election or even stay. It's gonna be violence. That doesn't mean they won't do the right thing. It just makes it very hard. John, you could never give in the bullies who wants to live their lives being intimidated. Supreme Court must follow the law and the Constitution. I agree with you 100% job. Linda. The world changes so much in just a week. There's no way we should be talking about Donald Trump running in 2024. Well, like people want to know what he's gonna do. And I have to analyze it on that basis. Juan Garza Pearl in Texas. Elections consequences and the people have spoken for the new government in our country. Does that mean the folks are okay with the green new deal, increasing taxes and more regulation and open borders? Some of them are Won. Some of them are Only 24% say they're liberal in the exit polling. Someone say Hey, We want that. Debit, granite, Flemington, New Jersey Can you address? What do the good citizens of this country do now? Nothing. You wait and you watch and you continue to vote for the people that you feel are looking out for you in the country. Your loyal patriotic Americans. That's what you do. System is the system. Sometimes it's not fair will try to improve it. I'm going to be here to guide you through this. I don't think there's going to be madness. I think that Biden and the Republican Senate We're not going to give into the craziness, but if they do, we'll come up with a strategy. John Concierge, remember? That means that John can email me any time with any question and I answer it privately to him. It's concierge membership on Bill O'Reilly. Com Bill Thanks for bringing up covert in China, It's unfathomable that a year after the Chinese government still avoids any kind of scrutiny pertaining to the virus, Okay, will you do? The second most powerful country in the world. Next to us. World can't do anything..

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