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Now I thought these kind of seemed a little overblown at the time. The reason they call the murder hornets is because they can kill bees. Now. Bees in China and Asia are much more. They're much more clever than the bees here in the United States, they have figured out a way to kill. A murder hornets. They work together as a group, a team. Unlike the Cowboys, they actually could get together and win a victory. Over a murder Hornet. Now we've been worried about murder Hornets coming to the United States. Because Arby's being complete morons don't know howto handle it. They will just be murdered by the murder. Horny way have we've actually found some murder Hornets in the United States. Now scientists remove 98 of them from a nest discovered near the Canadian border in Washington state over the weekend. This is in Blaine Washington. This is a CZ far north as you can go in the continental United States. I think Blaine is the the farthest north city in the continental United States. That if you live in Blaine There's a possibility that your backyard your backyard fence is the border with Canada really kind of cool. There's a road that runs right behind the border there. That you're in Canada on one side of the road. You're in the United States on the other. So they find 90 80 these things The Hornets were vacuumed into a special container. When the first nest discovered on U. S soil was eradicated this weekend, they said. It went very smoothly, says an entomologist. This is the only the start of our work to prevent the Asian giant hornet from gaining a foothold in the Pacific Northwest. We suspect there are other nests now. Here is how they did it and took out the murder Hornet. Saturday's operation began at 5 30 in the morning with teams donning protective suits and setting up scaffolding around a tree so they could reach the opening of the nest, which was about 10 FT. High. The team stuff dense foam padding into a crevice above and below the nest entrance and wrapped the tree with cellophane leaving on Lee, the one opening This is where the team inserted a vacuum hose to remove the Hornets from the nest. Team members used a wooden board to whack the tree to encourage Hornets to leave the nest when the Hornets stopped coming out of the nest after they pumped him all out with their Hoover The team pumped carbon dioxide into the trade to kill or Anesta ties any remaining Hornets They then sealed the tree with foam spray. Wrapped it again with cellophane and finally place traps nearby to catch any potential survivors or hornets, who might have been away. Are who are coming in late hung over from the previous night. Work completed by 9 A.m.. Entomologist will now try to determine whether the nest had begun to produce any new Queens in all of this. Now, this is an invasive past. Not native to the U. S. They don't know how they got here just yet. They're the world's largest hornet. There a predator of honey bees and other insects. A small group of these hornets can kill an entire hive in a matter of hours, and they're pretty horrible about the way they do it. They just Fly in and start ripping heads off of these bees. Asian giant Hornets can deliver painful things to people. They can spit venom at you. Despite their nickname and the height that start fears and an already bleak year the world's largest hornets kill at most, a few dozen people a year in Asian countries, and experts say it's probably far less. Meanwhile, Hornets, wasps and bees found in the U. S kill on average of 62. People four year mostly because they're allergic. A real threat. Is there a devastating attack on honeybees, which were already under siege from problems like mites, disease, pesticides? And loss of foods. All right, they actually it was kind of cool the way they trap these things. The nest. They found the nest. The Agriculture Department in Washington state was able to trap some Hornets and they used dental flaws to attach little radio transmitters last week to some of them. And the Hornets, not knowing any better flew back to the nest. Leading the entomologist with their deadly vacuum to suck them out. You know, it's just one of those stories. I gotta be honest with you. You hear the story Murder hornets and you start to think the absolute worst. You thought all my God, That is so 2020, etcetera, etcetera, But the reality of it is they don't think that there are that many. There could be some other nests in Washington state, but it sounds like they know how to handle it. At least at this point, they possibly dio. I gotta be honest, I've never the last time I got stung by anything. I was playing basketball. I think I was in high school, playing basketball and a wasp or something came out from behind the backboard and stunned me right on the nose. I got to tell you, man, That was one painful thing. But strangely, I got ice on it almost immediately. Strangely enough, didn't swell didn't have any problems. Nobody knew, but it hurt for a week. I don't know how that thing got in it just suddenly start you could feel it. I didn't see it. But it was there. Hated getting Stiles get stung by bees all the time when I was a kid. I just thought they were interesting. And I'd always be so you don't want beast this thing because of bee sting. If they're dead, they they sacrificed their life when they sting. Itwas for different. These murder hornets are different, too. They stink they could sting in multiple times. There's a YouTube channel. I think with a group of guys who will take whatever the most painful stings in the world are from whatever animal And they'll demonstrate what it feels like. So they'll capture one of these murder Hornets or the bullet ant who, whatever has the most painful sting and they'll video this I think the guy's name is coyotes something or another, but it's really a coyote Peterson. OK, thank you. Yup. Fascinating channel. Just watching a guy getting stung by a bullet that almost knocks him off his feet. Just one little.

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