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University at the High Zinc School of business now. Jim was involved in a couple of studies, actually a handful of studies and we're going to be talking about those today on thought, leadership and archetypes. What kind of communicator are you in the B.? Two B. Space and I was invited to actually fill out the questionnaire and one day I saw Jim. Tag Me in this post with a whole bunch of other piece, and I said Jim. I WanNa get you on this podcast and talk about this man so. So! Jim, how're you doing today I'm doing fine. Brian Thank. You thanks so much for coming on. Because this is so important, I think that bb people really need to hear this, so let's get your backstory as we were talking before you have something in common, we both worked at Bell Labs in Naperville Illinois. So, how did you go from being? You Know Project Engineer Project manager to this. You know social media educator at a university. How did that? Start out as I told you I mary the General Manager's daughters, so I had started job hunt. And I got pretty fortunately for the Chairman of the Board at Gould at that time. Rolling Meadows Illinois and ED evolved lot of job transfers. So took me out to Massachusetts I. got into factory. AUTOMATION TELECOMMUNICATIONS AVIONICS SUPERCONDUCTING ELECTRONICS. And I was going through a lot of companies. I G E be of Goodridge ended up rockwall. Where my career ended right after nine eleven, it just crippled the whole aerospace business, so that moved me into academia, so that was around two thousand and one got to my university Nova southeastern about fifteen years ago and I've been there ever since. About. I think about twelve years ago, those were made this real big push to get into social media and you can imagine with with. Faculty academia to Hyannis. Because I really saw this common. Relationship Marketing Guy a different jobs ahead like strategic planning etcetera, so I got it. And I followed a lot of these practitioners. In fact, read so many of their books and I finally came up with what I thought were the top twenty five books that could hit the classroom. And in the process. I got to know a lot of these contacts, so my colleague and I said Hey with all these people we've connected within you know. Sometimes we bring them into classrooms and we review more their materials. I asked him if they could complete a survey because Jon Gruden I thought we could really spawn series of articles going after journals in marketing, we had three altogether. That cover this one case of. Thought leadership exactly what is know practitioners they they grab onto the topic. And then they get bored with it and run out to the next thing you're like hold on a second. You could be on to something here, but in academia. We've got to blended in with. Theory like exactly. Where does it fit and flush it out so now? We have sort of a formula. What are all the determine it's? How does it drive influence back then you know your influences determined by. cried and cloud scores, etc, at least what we call social capital for resonating your content all right, so that was one paper was actually designed a framework. The second one was on these archetypes because in a process of doing this. Beyond the survey, we went into over a thousand linked recommendations for those hundred seventy-one social media influencers like yourself. And we start realizing that there's a variety of different personalities that lead to this effluence. Not Everybody was engaging. Not Everybody had emotional passion..

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