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A million times I think that this this administration this president and the economic plans that he put forward this is the only thing that has sustained the nation for all of this and I guess I just laughed it off in Houston in a democratic jobs that bag is running yes both you know a lot of people screwed up or come out of it I'm not gonna be at the Joe Biden is the one who led us out of the recovery remember he is the one who said the summer recovery number that I well we we have a separate you have a story teller two thousand I would never buy a few thousand down we did that well now we we don't get a summer recovery until two thousand seventeen what does they have got yeah the the economy it's your right it's hard to believe but it is true two months ago we had the best economy in fifty years and and then we got hit by this you know comment about other called Irishman nobody saw coming yeah I've got you we gonna have to do it again we have to rebuild the economy again and folks who do you want to do that you are Donald Trump is doing a businessman to rebuild our economy one thirty one Joe Biden who by the way the Obama policies created the weakest recovery from a recession since the Great Depression that's right that's right Steven Moore the bogus trump an onyx inside the America first plan to revive our economy follow him on Twitter Stephen Moore Stephen always a pleasure appreciate your insight in your time today thank you bye thanks have a great week take care of you DO we have more to come because we also have today in stupidity on the way you don't want to miss a single bit of it as you get moving on our awesome friends I called back they make some of the coolest stuff out there I told you about the P. seventeen because they're focusing right now the bulk of their manufacturing on their hottest selling firearms and that's just to answer that demand so the P. seventeen which is a great big yeah I think it's it you really I mean it's not just a beginner level it's just easy to shoot because it's lightweight and has a minimum requirement very low cost twenty two LR has six at three sixteen run magazines that it sounds worth but the care seven the shocking that they have is awesome well it's simple twelve gauge pump action it's light weight you can use it for personal defense taking a back country and the patented downward shell ejection makes it legitimately ambidextrous and a pump releases conveniently located right in front of the trigger guard for quick easy access and cross bolt safety you're gonna like the ergonomics of this six three inch shells plus one chambered E..

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