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Of the eighties nineties and today at five oh nine with twelve degrees in the DMV engineer Dan in for Toby nap on the Toby chilly morning show with our first thing out of the gate, usually being a thank you for listening. It's line one chilly. Good morning. Jessica where do you live in Charleston, West Virginia? Well, Jessica in Charlestown, why are you up on this holiday? What does he do? My triplets coming up this morning. Did you say your triplets? Yeah. Triplets. I am now standing up. I don't even know how old these triplets are. But I am now standing up you cannot see me, but I am bowing down to you. Both have one child. He's got a little girl, and I've got a five year old. So how old are your triplets? Jessica four years old. Oh, my goodness gracious. Yeah. They don't care if it's a holiday they really don't care. No matter what the great news for you. Jessica is that you get to take those precious. Little winds to go see Disney on ice world of a champ mint. Thank you so much exciting. They love Disney. So. We're going to have a great time over at Capital One arena. The show takes place fourteen through the eighteenth. You can get your tickets at TicketMaster dot com. But not you Jessica you get yours for free. Just for calling us this morning and saying Hello. Thank you. Thank you for listening to be until early in the morning. Thank you. And we've got more four pack of passes to Disney on ice world enchantment coming to Capital One arena February fourteenth through the eighteenth tomorrow morning at five o'clock. That's the first thing we do every morning as thank you a little bit later on the show. The winning continues around six forty with our nearly impossible question you could win a hundred dollar giant food gift card. Thanks to our friends at I can't believe it's not butter. So stick around for that. And and just a few minutes producer Kayla will be coming in here to get us into the right mindset. Morning mindset on this Martin Luther King junior day. No matter the temperatures, no matter the conditions. Lisa Bayden will persevere and arrive here to inform all of us as to what's going on on the roadways. Hopefully, not too much this morning. This one accident. And I pass it on my way. Here was a box truck that flipped over. You know, the winds are really intense inner loop after the BMW Parkway cleanup confined to the right to left lanes. Get by. And with a light by Metron? There is no delay outer loop..

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