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They're just separated. And that's exactly what. The book of ezekiel shows us would happen to them. It was the the future but for us we can look back on that and see that it was a prophecy of what the new testament church should look like and it is. It looks just like that there is a split there is a priesthood and institutional priesthood of the line of zadok which means the legitimate the legitimate priesthood keeps the charge at the table and then there is another type of priesthood. That doesn't keep the charge at the table. They operate outside of that area and so they're not able to draw close to god is they could because they don't have the table and it's the table that draws them into the sanctuary. It's interesting this year. I mean not this year but this week for our cia. We did a church tour. We do this every year. Always do this for the people in our cia. Classes have our priest. Whoever the priest is for that year have ask him to do a tour and one of the things that he brought up. I love this. Because i always learn something every single year. I learned something on teaching our say all over again. It's so cool. But he mentioned that the part of the church that we would say was a stage right. It's elevated the reason it's elevated is because it's the inner sanctuary of the church it's where the action occurs it's where the holy of holies is. It's where the fire fall occurs. It's where the presence of god falls on the altar on the sacrifice. It's the alter the catholic. Eucharist is consecrated and so it's raised to show and to separate it from the rest of the church to show that that there's something particular and something special occurring there and that's why we're not really supposed to go up there. You're not supposed to be in that area at all. Unless you're a sacriston or a priest or serving at the altar as an altar boy or a deacon or whatever that area is it is consecrated and so you're not supposed to be in that area because it is the holy of holies of the catholic church wear the sacrifice occurs but you're so also is the holy of holies. It's meant to be a thrown for god a throne where god can be present in you with you forever. The book of revelation chapter twenty one verse three says and i heard a loud voice from the throne which was the arc saying now the dwelling of god is with men and he will live with them they will be his people and god himself will be with them and be their god and so we can see then that these tabernacles are meant to show this final dwelling place with the among his people and it all goes back to the name. He revealed to moses in the burning bush. I am that unspeakable name which is contained in the name. Emmanuel god with us. Merry christmas folks. I'll see you after the first of the year in which we will continue with.

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