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This is the first year for Mariano Rivera, ROY halladay. Chipper Jones Jim told me where the first year candidates in last year's class. So there's just a third time in history. The multiple I ball ballot hall of famers were selected in consecutive years. So a strong run an obvious deserving choices. And this has always been. My beef with the way that we've approached a lot of things when it comes to the hall of fame. But certainly major league baseball has some interesting conundrums in its own right. And the first one we got over the hump with yesterday first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app because while we can talk about Edgar Martinez. And the idea of a D H and the certain positional hurdles you've got to overcome and had to overcome historically with the way people looked at that spot or even with Mariano Rivera as a closer. The undeniable greatness at his level made him the perfect case study and the perfect person to push past the line of being a unanimous selection for the hall of fame and Mariana Rivera becomes that becomes the first unanimous selection for the hall of fame six hundred and fifty two saves the most all time point seven ERA with forty two saves in the postseason five time World Series champion thirteen time all star and the ninety nine World Series MVP you name it. He did it. Enter Sandman the whole nine yards. Like, we we've got it his resumes ironclad. That's not the issue here. The issue here is what was it going to take a lot of people's minds for this to happen. And when you asked him Kirk Sharar, our ESPN major league baseball insider, the answer is not one that really is a ringing endorsement for the people that are part of this process when it's not the nature of who's involved, but what might come back to bite them that ultimately drove. Of the voters the hall of fame voters for baseball to this point. I think in part because social media is such now and all the ballots are public pretty much that if you don't vote for him, you're gonna get clobbered, that's one reason. But the biggest reason is he's the greatest closer of all time. There is not a close second on the character scale. No one's better than him. As far as postseason goes, no pitcher maybe ever has been better than him. And you just put everything together on how he dominated that position. And I'm just so happy that somebody finally got in unanimously, and we don't have to talk about that all the time anymore personal last Michael junior here on ESPN radio on the ESPN app. That certainly has to be a part of the relief for a lot of those like, Tim who lives this and breathe. Like, I always said I would love to see baseball through the eyes of Tim Kirk much the way we always say see the world through the eyes of a child because Tim Kirch. Loves baseball in a way that few others can replicate. But he is I think emblematic of a lot of baseball's die hard fans. And so when the rest of us come traipsing into the party and bombard baseball anytime something big happens. You always do feel bad. But that is also the general population that discusses and deals with a lot of these things. So there has to be a sigh of relief that all right? This thing that felt so arbitrary this idea that we had to withhold that felt silly. But then you hear the reaction from Mario Rivera himself. When he talks about getting elected unanimously, amazing amazing. I kidding. I couldn't believe it. When they said that they said that. Congratulated me for the hall of fame. And then he says, well, I have another news. There will happen. You're unanimous. Oh my God. Crazy. He even went so far as to compare it to winning the World Series. It was amazing amazing. I mean, my heart was bonding. It reminds me when you from just won the worst areas that type of adrenaline that tight or the emotion. It was amazing. So with being unanimous, meaning that much like we again think about it is something that's been held over these guys like a carrot dangling over their head for so long. We think of it as arbitrarily we say, well, yeah. A lot of times the justification as well. So and so wasn't elected unanimously. So how can we do it for the next guy? There's always got to be a first and Marianna Rivera was the perfect case study for this. But again, it's something that we think of as you just heard from Tim Kirkman sire of relief. It's finally done. When it comes to mow that meant something like you could see that was an honor that he wore and for us to have been withholding for other guys that potentially deserve. You see how ridiculous it sound? And again, you just keep hearing are ridiculous. It sounds what it seems like it was more of a CYA deal than anything else for a lot of these voters Keith Olbermann longtime sportscenter anchor addressing this as well. I think because these votes are coming out in such public ways both before the votes are tallied. And after the elections that people are afraid to be identified as the guy who didn't Oprah Marianna Rivera the past the voters said afterwards. No, I'm the guy who didn't vote for DiMaggio. We didn't know. And so there are there no protections anymore. And I think that's that's the problem. The reason I think that clarity has become the flavor of the world. Now, like, we demand a certain level of transparency because we've got access to a lot of bleeping information. But also. So in cases like this. I don't know why that's the driving force. Like, we all know Marianna Rivera was going to be a first ballot hall of Famer what satisfaction. Do you glean from being the one guy who's able to find that little shred of contrary take that ultimately lands him off of a ballot doesn't make it unanimous in what world is he not one of the guys that to me is the more agreed just wrong. Why is this so difficult? And why is the public shame? The thing that has to make this comparatively less hard. We're not sure we'll find those answers, which grew McCain next are woman crush Wednesday joins us for the next hour. Help us develop our MBA overtime rule here on first and last on ESPN radio.

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