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Just play it. And we'll we'll talk afterwards due to other reasons to go into you mentioned shedding number times. I think that that's a very important topic. And i think it deserves a little bit of scrutiny. So i was speaking with roger hodkinson a few days ago and he was saying that a certain percentage you bell curve it out but from the middle of the bell curve to the right side would be people who would produce more of the spy protein. Stan darren systems. I forget which he said it was would actually be able to mop up so those people would likely shut it out in their breath and sweat and that that could present a risk to in close proximity for a long period of time. How would you. how would you express. Would you say that's accurate. Completely accurate and in fact. It seems to make seem plausible. We and actually wrote something about that again. After that third round review in that last reviewer who suggested to talk about prions and that was when we realize these x. Homes are really crucial excess. Homes are really something. That's been a big topic recently. It wasn't something people with that aware of. Researchers in biology weren't aware of extra soames in the past but right now they're very excited about them even actually designing now a vaccine cove nineteen vaccines based on exit soames. They're actually proposing to use extra soames as a form of axon nation which is pretty amazing. Um so that's the last stage of what's happening with these immune cells when they're in their spleen and they're furiously making the spike protein and it's very toxic to that cell and it's trying to survive so it just as i got to get rid of this stuff it just pushes all these little pellets out into the circulation and they go throughout the body. They go along the biggest nerve up to the brain and cause all kinds of trouble there but then they exit right straight through the. I think they're ending up in breast milk and there was actually an infant who died on both is the from from breastfeeding from his mother who had been vaccinated. I was really surprised to see that that it makes sense because as i think probably pushed out into the into the breast milk it makes sense to me. They would go there. Oh my god. I forgot to tell you something really important about breast milk. So rogan had me tested again. This what for calling tested yet for goget and actually said is this. An insurance policy says no. I just don't want any bullshit. I don't want anyone to say anything. Oh i said an insurance policy. Yeah i'm talking to the nurse. And i am so. They also had the antibodies test. Do mind can. I have the antibodies test negative for covid negative for antibodies. And she told me she said There's actually evidence and she's she's a nurse in in hospitals as well that babies the drank Breast milk from mothers who had antibodies had antibodies. And i'm thinking exit strategy product seriously. I mean it's it's made by nature. It's just what you just heard. That was now again. What you just heard with someone. Get the vaccination right and it was the spike proteins that got into the milken. There's no. I know. I'm just saying that. That was an interesting side note but this this is so what. She's talked what she discussed earlier. Was the so-called self spreading vaccines. We've talked about that. at least we've seen it. I think we've talked about it briefly and that would be through the use of these eggs. elves nice. This is the poor to they would go out into the long. Go out into the skin to sweat. I mean they're going to try. Their bodies tried to get rid of this toxic thing that is coping with and the way to get rid of it is to shed it and so you know if somebody's nearby Go to pick it up. They can breathe in. They can get skin contact. I think that's could easily get it. I was surprised when i started hearing people say that. Oh my god. I hung out with my grandmother. Who got vaccine. I got sick by periods. Got street up. All of a sudden i got a really heavy period. I've always been very regular. I was getting stories like that. And at i of course it's like you know that's crazy really crazy but perfectly fine explanation based on these exercises. So you're saying this is not a subtle or small effect but that if you were to spend what kind of contact. Let's let's just let's cut the chase here. What kind of contact an amount of contact would you say. Safer not safer vaccinating people. I mean how do you know. I can't really say. I just was really quite surprised. And it's not just one or two people. I'm seeing of course i'm watching for it but i'm saying a lot of stories on the web greg ni- has actually talked to two or three people women who experienced a menstrual irregularities by hanging out with people who'd been vaccinated. I you know his people he knows. I have experienced it. I think it's real and it makes sense. I mean is a completely plausible mechanism. And it's based on these exit stumps which the thing. I'm most scared of at this point. Wow so just being around vaccinated people as in fact dangerous as what the implications are. Yes from this mit research. I don't like that at all. No in fact but is this is again. She says nothing new that we have a discussion on this show in one way or another. Yeah but The despite their we call viral shedding. But it's not as xhosa homes did. Was there any indication you watch the whole thing's any indication that these are like right after The vaccination and then they go away and have a time Element in Know why that makes you wonder like if you're dating someone who got the mr a shot and you know you didn't you know what's the effect on you that kind of thing. It's pretty well. We had we had Notes from producers may one of our producers. he said he was dating a woman and he couldn't maintain an erection and she was vaccinated he wasn't and then when they broke up. No problem now. It could be other things but he it was pretty sure could be could have been a couple of things. But wow man. I got it before. I wrap this. Let me go in with a couple of other things before. Just as a quick aside she did mention something about roundup. Because she's around up expert all your the the weed killer roundup. Yeah what glycemic glysophate that. What is called got it. you're nailing it. Did you got a little. Get a little gotcha in here. I wanna play this. Just a new. Get back to this cova stuff right after this this steph senate on round up pop just for the record life. Sates or that cal affectionately know as roundup. That's right yes it's all over the food supply. It's all over the air. It's in the air. The water the jokes why. It's considered perfectly safe by the government. They don't even. Us government doesn't even manage bother to test. Actually canada had a big initiative and they tested for lots of different foods. Both canadian and imports and they a friend of mine. Tony maitre produced a book out of that. He was the one that got them to do it. They tested over eight thousand different foods. I was really impressed. Canadian government and tony meet you. Wrote a book called toys and foods of north of north america. And he has. It's a dry book. That has a lot of data in there about all these different foods but they found very high levels candidate did in garbanzo beans and chickpeas. Home us you know. They sort of legumes slowing out. Also of course in. We oats cookies. You know goldfish crackers and very high levels in foods from canada and the united states compared to even mexico mexico came up much more like europe. Europe pat generally much lower levels than america did and mexico but was much better in. Mexico is actually decided to ban because they're going to wipe it out by twenty twenty four the us government and monza been harassing them to get back down so far they have not. I'm very proud of mexico. Mexico bands like is this going to be a real problem for the united states to be next door to mexico. I think and mildly producing.

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