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And you're like okay. That's you know bide. Just look at things from a monetary stamp point okay. A monetary standpoint sure sinclair broadcasting. They've got all these millions upon millions upon millions upon millions of dollars and i. It's just a drop in the bucket. They can easily afford this. They can keep everybody wanted to payroll. They can do but like at the end of the day hates status. But it always comes down to that almighty dollar and that's great that you're finally back from all the craziness that went down at the peak of the pandemic. That's great that you took those months off. He kept everybody on the payroll. That's all great but when you did decide to do the relaunch okay remember. We'll talk ring. Honor their you know. Man operations is based out here in the dc maryland virginia area. They're doing their thing in baltimore sinclair broadcasting there may headquarters is out here in in the dc area. Okay so all these talents that they needed to do these ring of honor shows come. Come fly you out here. We'll take care of your hotel accommodation so you're throwing more money out there and you're not even recouping a fraction of that money at the live gates because you've got no fans in attendance. You're not selling tickets. You're not selling tickets. So the totality of all of that. And then you know when you're under the impression okay. We'll when we get ready to duties little pay per views. That oh na na na nas sorry right so the totality of all of these things further expedited. What ultimately has become of ring of honor as we know today. Make no mistake about it. Bring of honor was definitely having issues before the pandemic we talked about some of those things right here lor knows that some of the stuff that was going on with the promotion during the me too movement some significant black is has anybody forgot the in addition to that. Has anybody forgotten stuff that was going on there. We kelly klein who we haven't really heard from sets all that shit had went down. So you know there was already ring of honor mills. Make no mistake about it. Ring of honor already had some black is some bruises and then some missing teeth and then some before the pandemic even went down is just sadly the best analogy that i could use for ring of honor before the pandemic. They basically had used this analogy. Because it's the first thing that came into mind. Basically want a boat in the middle of the sea and they had a frigging hole in their boat and they have flexible. I can't believe i'm going there. But they have flicked seal and so here. They are doing their best to hurry up. Take that flex seal and the numerous holes that's in that boat they're going in and they're pretty much patching it up when for real for real. They need to fricken. Get that boat to the nearest shore. A sap right. They need to fuck him parked at bitch on land a sap and get off of the and maybe just look into buying a new boat..

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