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Going to get into the futures of canelo alvarez and ryan garcia twenty twenty one potentially being a pretty good year for both men couple other topics as well to join me to talk about that and much more kevin. I only senior boxing. Mma writer over at yahoo sports kevin. I think we've passed the happy new year mark right like we're done we're done okay. I think january second is when you you're done with bad feel. I think there's a lot of the things we can say now but we will keep it happy. Almost election or almost inauguration day. But that's exactly definitely for different podcast. Glad you could be here though. I do want to get into some some interesting topics. I think in the boxing world right now. And i wanna start with with cannella alvarez who by you know by benefiting from fighting in december has the opportunity after a one fight twenty twenty to be really active in twenty twenty one. We've heard about a potential fight in february against his mandatory. You'll durham that's the wbz mentor. And then who knows what could happen. Depending on what side of the street he signs for you know kind of all the alternatives kevin. Whether it's a match room. Deal that results in a fight with billy joe saunders in may a deal which ends with a fight against kayla. Plant super middleweight. Titleholder in may what do you think is the best path for kamilo alvarez in twenty twenty one well i think you know the best thing is for him to fight both of those guys and twenty twenty one and i will throw this in a fight. That's not being talked about. But you know. He won the light heavyweight belt. We know it wasn't the official belt that he wanted felt 175. I like to see him five. Better be you know. I think that's a tough fight for him. You know you think of every other find out there. And he's going to be a favorite. Is he the favorite over better of i. Don't know so. I think that that is a fight for him. But i think the more real option is going one sixty eight so i think in whatever order he can go saunders plant or vice versa. I think that's the way to go. I think plant is a really interesting guy. And i think you know he could give carmelo really good as i think saunders could too i think canola will find a way to handle saunders but i think kayla plant has you know has a good overall game in would really make a fascinating fight. I'm not saying he would win the fight. I think that you know that. Good in that much but i think kayla plant would really make them work and i think that can be fun five. Yeah when you're talking plant saunders. To me it's six and one half dozen. They're both slick boxers. That do different things win out boxing opponents. I don't know that he'd have a problem with either. One of them because canal was so good in the ring with the eventually wears guys down a beat them down on the way he did against callum smith and look..

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