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A big the freak also has that and so the sixers have two guys each of whom you say he might one day be the best in the NBA but in fact the best in the NBA. At least in the regular season is in Milwaukee. Because he's doing everything you're asking those guys but my retort to that would be came. We really judge who the sixers beat tweet. If you've got a question and I got a question about not this summer but the previous summer when Joe Ben Simmons it necessarily work on the shot the way that he was supposed to or Joel embiid. Did the killer instinct that we've talked about on a consistent basis 'cause we've seen them out to kill instincts and get certain opponents. But what I'm saying to you is that if we have questions about those guys in terms of their. What if in fact from similar defensive in every night to each other and embiid and his but offensively and be kid be so dominant and if you've got a guy in the same conference that's coming act this show responsibility to answer that? That's what I mean. It's just identified about the defense offense. Simmons has been a piece defensive and I just mentioned embiid has the highest defensive rating in the NBA. So far this year you know what about defense a lot of. That's just effort. Why is is an either guys offense where we wanted to be telling you Stephen? It's it's some of his attitude. I understand it's a lot more the way those two don't fit right on the same eighteen and I disagreed attitude gets right and they go after it. Nobody's beating Philly in the east. Maybe Miami though because I don't Miami Yes for sure on my head to go down to the Boston Celtics. Either Ali's Alex Ross. Me When I tell you this my ami is looking best show of course thought Miami Heat. We were complain. I'm loud and bold radio announcer. Who was hired to tell you about the loud and bold flavors and Tyson? Anytime there's chicken's necks their boldly then full of flavor. Thanks for listening by Tyson anytime chicken. Bold flavorful chicken's necks talked about allergies. He's got a you know. Just certain perspective is GonNa look a certain way. Also that's all that's all the thing while which I wasn't seeing on it you know what I'm saying I don't know so bad about eating. You Know Wasn't distracted distraction until Okay that was bill yesterday responding to questions about his Saturday Saturday night. Going bowling after being rolled out of Sunday's game against the dolphins at the flow. I feel like I'm all his business. Even saying this Dominic Foxworth good to see you Steven A.. A has your opinion now changed after hearing from Bell Somewhat only from the standpoint that on this show. Let's be very clear about this. I pride myself through the incredibly fair love. Eon Bell saw show yesterday picked up the phone last night and call me told me what happened first of all. He said that the report that was put out there that forced us to introduce the topic to begin with was false yes. He was sent home Friday because he was feeling ill but he had come back to the doctor Saturday because he was feeling better and was even getting to the point where he was trying to play what happened happened was the doctors examined him. According to Levy on belt the doctors examined him sort of he had lost ten pounds because of the flu. Whatever the bug that he had had an as the result advised him to go home and play not just because he had lost impounds he still wasn't as full strength but also because what you're getting over to bog? It behooves do not to be around the rest of the team so the report that was put out there that ultimately was disseminated to all of us wasn't accurate according to him so what I said to him. Look shooter word if the report was wrong. And that's what you will say you Dan Right. I'M GONNA go into a and say that. There was a Romanian reports. Being put out the about about specifically wasn't ha what happened. He didn't go home on a Friday. Not speak to the jets. North Sea the jets on Saturday and skip the game on Sunday but he was bowl and Saturday night. That's not what happened. They sent him home because he was trying to play but he had lost a few pounds because of the bug and he hadn't been eating and all of that under stop. It wasn't at one hundred percent. Here's why I say you say that and you give him acknowledgement on that point and give him some points for that and not go as quite as hard as but but still. My point doesn't get minimized one bit because all I said yesterday was this optics wise. It doesn't look good if you can't play on a Sunday Sunday. Don't be out bowling on sad. I Know Bowling Football Dominique. Please don't get me wrong absolutely talking about if you not well enough to play. They don't they. Don't give the impression anybody that you could potentially be well enough to play in other words you hold six day. You'll be sick and do everything you can get better before before you are seeing because in the end levy on bell has russell five hundred eighty three yards statistically his lowest season only averaging three point two yards a carry. They got the second worst. Run US through the tax in football. It's not his fault. So has your has your opinion changed about him as a player. Like I'm your opinions chain about yesterday but I was just wondering given all these suggest just that. He's not good. No no no. What I'm saying is because of the money that he got combined with those stats? That people are going to look at from an optics perspective. They're going to judge what Jim harshly because when they see second running attack in football they're going to look at a fifty two and a half million thirty five million guaranteed. And they're going to say Levian. Don't you wait doing it. So what I was saying was look for. That's what they're going to say about you. Which is why set what I said about the optics? I mean I don't have to change my position at all based on the new information formations. I was defending Levy on bell yesterday right before the kids started saying keep it one hundred you know. We used to say thorough. Let the Bellas thorough. I mean as a player I loved the way you handle themselves just then but I would have a piece of advice for him if he wants to if he wants to kind of take it to the next level when he says he wants to be a leader and everything and you pointed out some things I think he needs to play the game a little more and a little better with the media in order to. Do you know how everyone sitting here could tell you. Stories about about that quarterback that you swear is the perfect leader and franchise player and poster child for the NBA room for the NFL. Rather and give you an giving you stories like oh they just know how to work with the media and so it's so I appreciate the fact that Levian wants. He's just thorough. He wants to keep it. So he's like yes I did. XYZ My only regret is is the way looked. I liked that but if he wants to take it to the next level I think he should dot what is is and cross his. T's a little bit better. I mean. There's almost contradict the raiders stadium. So you're saying keep it thorough but also be fake like in Intel. Give them what they want. Tell them you respect the running back you respect the player you respect someone who is going to keep it one hundred all the time and say what they mean what. They say. They're GONNA go bowling. They're going to do the things that people aren't gonna I like those people aren't going to be there people when you lose people find the things that you do and they say that's the problem those same things while you're winning people's like all isn't it cool and Quirky Quirky and funny like if they were ten to right now lady on bell has been balling all year but he just happened to get sick. They'll say wow he can ball he can over to fifty one and also on the field. It just matters like if you perform you can do say just about anything that you want. They will find a way for his. I wouldn't give them any advice. Be You golden bowl ball one of ills either GonNa Complain. They're complain because nothing contradictory and what. I'm saying Dominique because he even said if you could change anything it would be being seen but that that forethought is what I'm talking talking about like before you go and do that consider if you want to be a leader. What people are gonNA say? I'm going to challenge you on something here. Dominique I've been thinking about because I've been watching you do by by the way doing a great job for us and I appreciate it but I. I'm going to challenge you on a couple of things because I think far too far too many occasions if I can be if I could you please I do. I think are far too many occasions. You think things you compartmentalize very well but almost to the extreme like for example. You are highly highly intelligent individual. Who pays attention to everything? You like. See all angles. That's been discounted comments about at that point this you do that right. You're somebody and and because you see things from a multitude of angles. You make a conscientious archie. It's just decision and you're willing to live with that what I'm saying is that look at Lebanon. Just take for example. We know that it ain't necessarily his fault that they got the second worst running attack and football we know what a bad brother dead. That dude is and we know. He's not a bag is a pretty damn good guy. The flip side to it. Is that if you saw for fifty two and a half million dollars and you get it thirty five million dollars signing bonus after sending out the previous season and the NFL looks for excuses to justify not paying people pulled that follow you. You're sort of like the litmus test per se they look at you and they say okay. They'll use this. As an example of that as an example the low ball you the shortcut you etcetera Etcetera Cetera to me at times you throat at Assab because you like Levy can't be worried about that right and I'm saying I don't find you be that kind of course not the kind of person fix all the states. So why do you encourage people to take like that. Because I think the difference and you and I disagree on a Lotta things in Asia following this this line and it sure is I can understand your point point and it seems like you're arguing that this is the game then so you might as well play it and that's fair that's fair but my way that I'm doing this this and all the other issues that we disagree that along the same lines is the game is rigged and I'm not gonNA necessarily look at Bell or look at anybody else who I think is being wrongness situation and now this is much bigger because this is a small thing so when I look at them and say how people are reacting to them is unfair so I can go to them and say look. They're going to react you unfairly barely so change your behavior or I can go to the people who are treating them unfairly and say no you are wrong and that's how I might point is why can't we do both. Yeah no one was walking. Why cannot for example? If I'm looking at left me all right I can sit up and say it's rake and I can sit up being say the reports were false. And oh by the way you're screwed over but still look at loving but watch it because you know this happen so guard against it that was wrong with that. Nothing's relative but I don't have to do it because you're doing it Macedonia everybody on every night saying okay okay. He's doing this. A lot of people are not saying it smells like you. I'm not saying this particular case is rigged. I'm just saying that it's not right to react to him. Going bowling like like bowling is a step up in intensity from going to dinner. Like no one's really. It's not about not about bowling. It's about the fact that at the time right because the reports were wrong remember remember this reiterate that report was wrong according to him but at that time they were saying he's supposed to be sick which is like I agree with Dominique. They sick outlook your. which is it's easy to be reactionary like to take the bait constantly that's thrown out by the media and we're or members of the media obviously and it takes a little bit more restraint and thought to say wait a minute? Are there other stories that fit this explanation.

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