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We see in the movie like this is one that you mentioned in your piece that you wrote about fake news and Harry Potter basically introducing the concept of fake news where it says, like all is well with the picture of fudge, and then it like switches to the boy who lied when a headline says, all as well must've Cup. She probably like if you know, gosh, not well. Doesn't that raise questions about. His show. Oh my God. Yes, JK Rollings daily profit editor. Can we talk about the lack of internet in the Wisden world? I just feel like it would kind of mess up a lot of the plot, right? If there was an internet, they can log onto it would, but then I wonder, what is the equivalent of like wizards, social media? Is it just writing things on the wall in blood shaver secrets, you? Probably. I mean, they probably probably some of the magical technology means you can just kind of right let it probably is like a little book like Twitter and you can just write something in it and she's got one can read. It is probably the sort of, I guess, a how is like naming shaming on social media is basically a quote, Artie. Imagine thinking nece, but it's just you'll mum shop dinner table. I realized earlier after eating results, Kula turf. Harry Potter is very much the milk shake duck name. Everybody loves. The boy defines foldable, but then they, they. Yeah, and I treated this and some of them full of me. And I think that was probably a reason the circumstances. So you think maybe the reason that the books were set in the late nineteen eighties perhaps because it the internet would have complicated things so much. I wonder if it's too yet because I mean, the first book begins in Ninety-one right? Which is when she conceives it but wasn't published to ninety seven by which time you know the internet is is a thing away. It's not in the very early ninety s. And in the same way, like you know, the plot of of Romeo and Juliet will be ruined if they have mobile phones just wouldn't work if they could just bring each other up and say God's sake don't kill yourself. Like I kind of feel like particularly with those the more Christophobic later books, you kind of need the closing of the environment a not the tube to the outside world, except in very specific ways is is the quick blah, the equivalent of the canary. What a question? I did consider that what I was reading about. I don't know. I think it's a bit more mountain canary. It's not as like rated in this world. I mean, the Canaries kind of mad, but, but it it, you know, it turns out that they were onto something the whole Jeremy Kuban thing. So maybe maybe there's a parallel is funny because we do get this shift the quibble wire. It's like basically a joke in maybe book five or and it's all like, I love the Oscar. What I like serious black as he's painted and the. Crecy theories that serious block is actually popular whizzing singer stubby Boardman. And they've got an obsession with crumple horned snore cats. Yeah, lunar going to look for the woods. Yeah. Yeah. Roxburgh these kind of magical creatures. Her mine is convinced don't exist at all. And then it becomes basically like the voice of reason when noble starts to rise. So I wonder is JK Rollings trying to make a comment..

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